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Fox has released some important news regarding ‘The Orville.’ From on-set photos to news regarding the production on Season Two, settle in and get ready for a whole slew of updates!

Season 2 will be a mid-season show for Fox

Fox officially announced their upcoming season, setting up ‘The Orville’ for a mid-season premiere. The first episode of the season is set to air on Sunday, December 30th. Seth MacFarlane’s homage to ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ will then move to its regular slot on Thursdays in 2019 for its second season. Fox also confirmed that Season 2 will have a total of 14 episodes.

Six episodes shot

Production on the second season of ‘The Orville’ has on pace since March. The show will be producing 13 new episodes for Season 2, in addition to the holdover episode from Season One, bringing the Season 2 total to 14 episodes.

Last Friday, ‘The Orville’ wrapped production on its sixth episode of the second season according to producer/director Jon Cassar. A few days earlier, Cassar shared the following image from the set with a new alien along with a couple of Moclans, with the message “Just another day on The Orville.”

It appears the sixth episode will feature new castmember Jessica Szohr prominently, based on the following tweet sent out by MacFarlane:


Szhor’s character has a name

Speaking of Szohr, we believe we now know the full name of her character to be Talla Keyali. Fans already knew the last name based on a previous report and the first name was revealed in an Instagram photo showing off a set of gifts given out to the cast. As noted in a previous Season Two production report, Szhor’s Keyali appears to be a Xelayan security officer, just like Alara Kitan (Halson Sage).


The return of the Krill

An Instagram photo promoting Fox’s Wellness Fair on the lot which featured Yoga with Goats from Hellow Critter Care, showed off an actor in Krill makeup. This indicates the Krill, who are a recurring villain on the series, will be back for an earlier episode in Season Two.


Puppet alert

It was previously reported that an episode in Season Two may feature puppets and last week MJL Puppet Design posted another photo of a puppet being made for ‘The Orville.’ The photo appears to be from same time as when they posted about ‘Orville’ back in December and the new post refers to it as something “conceptual,” so there is no guarantee we will actually be seeing puppets in Season 2, or if these puppets were something considered and not used for the first season.


Action figures coming to a store near you?

In an Instagram story (which has disappeared, as those are wont to do), actor J. Lee (John LaMarr) revealed that he recently was scanned and measured for an action figure for ‘The Orville.’ There has been no official announcement on any licensing deals for ‘The Orville,’ but there was also a hint that there would be figures from the series at the Paley Center panel earlier this year.

Concept art

Seth MacFarlane has shared some interesting concept art for ‘The Orville,’ from the preproduction of the first season.


Watch production designer talk about making a two-story set

A video interview with production designer Stephen Linewever has been released where he explains how he has approached creating the sets for ‘The Orville.’


Fun from the set

Mike Henry, happy to be back again as Dann.


Chad Coleman does a bit of Shakespeare in full Klyden makeup.


Only in LA, Kai Wener (Ty Finn) showing off his school project about where he works (i.e. the 20th Century Fox lot).


Publicist Aj Feuerman caught a shuttle from The Orville parked on the “city streets” portion of Fox’s backlot.


That’s all for now, folks! Stay tuned for more news from ‘The Orville’ as it becomes available!