12 Monkeys

A new teaser trailer and poster have been released for season 4 of Syfy’s time travel series, ’12 Monkeys.’ The season, which will consist of 11 episodes, will air over the course of a month and will conclude with a two-hour finale.

An ominous new teaser trailer for Season 4 reveals that “the end is coming”, and gives fans brief glimpses of the Red Forest, the Witness, and Titan. The teaser ends with someone waving a bloodied medieval sword at Cole (Aaron Stanford). ’12 Monkeys’ showrunner Terry Matalas tweeted a poster that shows Cole standing in front of the time machine. Interestingly, the background shows the machine exuding a bright red light, opposed to the blue light fans generally see when the machine is activated.

Red is a symbolic color in the world of ‘12 Monkeys,’ as it is often used to signify that an object has been affected by a temporal disturbance. In the Season 2 finale, a tree with red leaves was a sign that the world was about to end.

The SDCC 2017 trailer for Season 4 previewed some of the challenges Cole, Cassie (Amanda Schull), Jones (Barbara Sukowa), Deacon (Todd Stashwick), and Jennifer (Emily Hamsphire) will be dealing with in the upcoming season. We learn from the trailer that the characters will travel back further than ever by visiting time periods such as the Old West and the Middle Ages, as indicated by the sword shown.

Based on the events of the Season 3 finale, the new season may dive deeper into Cole’s role in saving the timeline. A flashback to his youth hints that his part in the story was known to his mother since he was a child. In the flashback, Cole’s father reads a story about a serpent eating its tail, which is somehow linked to the Witness’ plan to destroy time. The story about the serpent was the focus of previous trailers and promotional material.

Season 4 of ‘12 Monkeys’ returns Friday, June 15 at 8pm ET on Syfy. Check out the teaser below!