Bill Nye

‘Bill Nye Saves the World’ is returning to Netflix on May 11 for its third season, and Netflix just dropped the trailer! I feel like I am in middle school and the substitute teacher just wheeled in the giant TV!

In the six-episode third season, Nye will tackle issues such as the truth behind evolution, how climate change will impact foods of the future and what our pets can teach us about being human. Special guests will include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Karlie Kloss, and Paul F. Tompkins. Michael Ian Black also returns with his satirically angry “Mad Scientist” segment.

Michael Naidus, Julie Pizzi, and Gil Goldschein serve as executive producers on the series. ‘Bill Nye Saves the World’ is produced by Bunim-Murray for Netflix. Check out the trailer below!


Courtesy of Netflix, here’s the official breakdown of this season’s batch of new episodes:

Episode 1: Evolution

Even people who “believe” in evolution may not understand it. Paul F. Tompkins joins Bill in an episode that explains why humans did not come from chimps and why we are not more evolved than a cockroach. (BTW, we know which came first: the chicken or the egg.)

Episode 2: Future Food

With existing food sources threatened by climate change, farmers, ranchers, and even scientists are developing the foods of the future. Model Karlie Kloss visits Japan and comedian Margaret Cho gets into the kitchen with Bill.  You won’t believe what’s for dinner!

Episode 3: Cheating Death

Spoiler Alert: We’re all going to die. But controversial technologies—like stem cells, head transplants, and 3D-printed organs—are extending our lives. We can really drag this thing out if we want to, but do we really want to live forever?

Episode 4: Addiction

Bill welcomes comedian Maria Bamford in an episode that asks the question — Is addiction a moral failing, a genetic predilection, or a product of your environment? Addiction ruins lives and costs society billions of dollars; can science help us stop?

Episode 5: Water Wars

It may seem crazy, but we’re running out of water. The Earth is covered with it, but very little of that is fresh, and only a tiny fraction of that is accessible. What can we do to avoid wars being fought over water?

Episode 6: What We Can Learn From Our Pets About Being Human

Are our brains unique, or do other creatures think and feel the way we do? Does your dog have a soul?  What is your cat thinking? Hey human, maybe you ain’t that special.

‘Bill Nye Saves the World’ Season 3 drops on May 11 on Netflix.