jonathan frakes star trek discovery

‘Star Trek’ star Jonathan Frakes will return to ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ for the show’s second season. Frakes was a guest at the Lexington Comics and Toy Convention and during a panel, he revealed that he’d would return to the second installment of the series. Frakes said:

“Yes, I’m about to go back. I just read the first script of the second season and the outline for the second script and it’s on fire now.”

Frakes getting a peek at the first script for Season Two does not mean he will be directing the premiere. That job will be completed by ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ co-creator Alex Kurtzman. Frakes helmed the first episode of ‘Discovery’ season one’s second chapter, ‘Despite Yourself,’ which introduced the ‘Discovery’ cast to the mirror universe.

Frakes portrayed Commander Will Riker in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation.’ ‘Next Generation’ is also where Frakes first began directing ‘Star Trek.’ Since then, Frakes has gone on to direct episodes of ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,’ ‘Star Trek: Voyager,’ and now ‘Discovery.’

Frakes has also done work on Seth MacFarlane’s Fox series ‘The Orville’ which is a comedic homage to ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation.’ Frakes said that he believes both shows offer something different and valuable for die hard ‘Star Trek’ fans.

In a recent statement about the show, Frakes said:

“The ‘Star Trek’ that we have has really found its voice, and ‘Discovery’ has really found its voice. And ‘The Orville’ has filled in a void. For a lot of people, ‘The Orville’ is their new ‘Star Trek’ because it does tell stories like [‘The Next Generation’], and it’s got wild humor in it.”

He continued, saying:

“[Seth MacFarlane] clearly wanted [‘The Orville’] to look like [‘The Next Generation’]. So, he hired the cinematographer [Marvin Rush] and the camera operator, and Brannon Braga, who wrote ‘First Contact’ among other things that are fabulous. Robbie Duncan McNeill, one of our wonderful directors from Voyager, James Conway, who directed a bunch of great Next Gen episodes; he hired me. He filled the room with Next Gen people so that the show would look and feel like it. I think he did it.”

Look for more ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ news as it becomes available!