Alex Garland Dashes Hopes Of '28 Months Later' Film

Fans wanting to see the film ‘28 Months Later’ come to life have had their dreams crushed by Alex Garland, after the screenwriter stated that he does not believe the ‘28 Days Later’ sequel will ever happen.

Garland wrote the screenplay for the 2002 film from Danny Boyle, and the thriller has gone down as one of the best modern examples of the zombie movie. The zombie genre has since exploded, and ‘28 Days Later’ remains a terrifying and haunting look at how fast society can fall apart.

Given the film’s popularity, it was no surprise when ‘28 Weeks Later’ was released in 2007. The film was not as well received as the original, but still performed well at the box office. This gave fans hope that a further sequel was on the horizon.

Unfortunately, it seems this may never happen. In a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, Garland was asked specifically about the chances of another ‘28 Days Later’ movie being made. Garland stated that he has “doubt” over whether it will ever happen, although he “kind of” has plans for what the film could be if there ever is a chance for it to move forward.

With Garland now sitting at the helm of projects such as ‘Ex Machina’ and the upcoming ‘Annihilation,’ it is possible he just has other priorities. ‘Annihilation’ is an adaptation of the first part of the ‘Southern Reach’ novel series, and if Garland’s film is successful, he could be busy for the foreseeable future!

While this information may not be of much solace to fans hoping for another ‘28 Days Later’ movie, there’s always the possibility of the franchise going in a different direction altogether.