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Warner Bros. has released the second trailer for the upcoming ‘Tomb Raider’ film. The new trailer reveals more of the story, in which fans see Lara Croft (Alicia Vikander) pursue a mystery left unsolved by her father (Dominic West). Croft, along with her counterpart played by Daniel Wu, journeys into the heart of the Devil’s Sea, a dangerous region of ocean in Asia with a similar reputation to the Bermuda Triangle. At the same time, Croft will have to fight an organization called Trinity which hopes to use Croft’s treasure for some not so great reasons.

The trailer for the movie also offers fans a glimpse of Croft’s life before she went out searching for her missing father, even showing her working as a bike messenger. By the time she makes it to a distant island in search of her father, she encounters Mathias Vogel (Walton Goggins), a rival archaeologist who wants to use her skills to solve the mysteries that may have unforeseen consequences for Croft and those around her.

It was clear from early stills and the first trailer that the film, directed by Roar Uthag, will take inspiration from the reboot video games that followed Croft and her adventures. Like the games, Croft will solve puzzles, navigate high-speed waterfalls, and use makeshift weapons to defend herself against Trinity, which also comes from the games. Additionally, much of the action sequences in the trailer footage should look very familiar to anyone who has played the games… even if those same sequences ended much worse for some players! We are hoping that Croft’s big screen counterpart won’t be meeting her gruesome end during these high risk maneuvers in the film.

‘Tomb Raider’ will be released in theaters on March 16. Check out the trailer below!