black mirror

‘Black Mirror’ fans have long been arguing over whether the film-like episodes take place in the same universe. Creator and showrunner Charlie Brooker has contended that they do not and that they were all completely separate stories. However, in a new ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 featurette, Brooker appears to have changed his mind.

If you’ve seen the Season 4 episode ‘Black Museum,’ you know that episode features a museum full of references to other episodes, mostly from the new season. Brooker confirms this is the first time a ‘Black Mirror’ shared universe has been explicitly addressed, so I guess we have an answer. All of ‘Black Mirror’ does take place in one universe, but the episodes are still standalones.

While this confirmation is great to have, it also doesn’t change the dynamic of the series. Brooker has yet to cross any characters over from one episode to another, so for now, it’s just a peripheral connection between the standalone anthology stories.

Brooker has been hinting at a shared universe for a while now with cleverly placed easter eggs in the series, such as the pizza delivery company from ‘Crocodile’ showing up in another episode, tech from one episode being used in another, etc.

So while a shared universe does exist, ‘Black Mirror’ will likely continue to create compelling, somewhat dark, and emotional standalone episodes for the foreseeable future. Netflix produced both Season 3 and Season 4 and while they haven’t officially ordered ‘Black Mirror’ Season 5  yet, given the show’s popularity it can only be a matter of time. There has even been talk about a spinoff series based on the wildly popular ‘USS Callister’ episode.

Watch the ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 featurette for yourself below, and you can binge the entire show, if you haven’t already, on Netflix!