american gods neil gaiman

Fans still have no word on when ‘American Gods’ might come back to TV. The breakout Starz drama was renewed for a second season in summer 2017 but lost showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green amid alleged budget disputes on the FremantleMedia North America production.  The two have not been replaced, though Starz boss Chris Albrecht says they’re still involved.  Specifically, Albrecht claimed that they were neither fired nor did they quit and that they will continue to be involved “as much as they can be.” Meanwhile, Neil Gaiman, the author of the “American Gods” novel which the series is based, will take on the role of showrunner for the second season of the show.

At the semi-annual TCA press tour, Albrecht addressed the issue, saying:

“We’re having some trouble getting the second season underway. It has faced many of the challenges that terrific, complex, premium shows face when trying to get successive seasons, especially when art comes before commerce.”

These are not the first issues with the project; production delays during the first season prompted a reduced episode count, and some sources have said that multiple showrunners have turned down Fremantle as few want to replace Fuller and Green.

Albrecht elaborated:

“It’s an incredibly difficult adaptation of a fantastic novel. Neil Gaiman will be taking more of a central role and moving forward into a more traditional showrunner function and we’re looking for a partner for him who can ensure that the television part of this gets appropriate attention.”

The producers were not the only ones to jump ship, as ‘American Gods’ lost featured player Gillian Anderson, and Kristin Chenoweth has expressed confusion about her own future on the show.

Albrecht addressed these issues:

“I think there’s been some confusion around the cast exit. Gillian seems to be leaving everything these days, but this was not a surprise. Kristin is still committed to the show, obviously depending on her schedule.”

Talk about the show’s second season remains largely speculative, with no production start date set, but Albrecht made a point of not mistaking the current confusion with actual doubt, saying:

“”It’s not ideal to have 18 months or two years between seasons. It’s not an inexpensive show. Budget is always a factor. There needs [to be] a vision that can be executed on a regular basis.  We’re very committed to ‘American Gods.’ The show did very well for us. We’re hoping for many more years of ‘American Gods’ to appear on Starz.”