David Harbour Hellboy

David Harbour brings more to the table than fans may know; it turns out, he’s a pretty decent singer! At least, that’s what he told MTV News on the Golden Globes red carpet.

While speaking with MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz, Harbour said:

“I am a triple threat. I don’t know if you know this, but I’m also a singer, or at least there was a little bit of crooning that ‘Hellboy’ may or may not do in the film.”

Harbour, is more than just a triple threat; an actor, activist, motivational speaker, dancer, dad, sitting president of the Joe Keery Fan Club, he has many talents that go beyond the camera!

Harbour just wrapped filming on the ‘Hellboy’ reboot in Europe, an experience he could only sum up in one word: “crazy.” In the highly anticipated film coming in 2019, Harbour steps into the role of the titular wise-cracking, half-demon.

Speaking about the role, Harbour said:

“It was the hardest job I’ve ever done. The action that I’m doing in the movie, the rolling around on the ground and punching — things that a 40-year-old man should not be doing — and on top of that, the tremendous amount of prosthetics and makeup, but at the end of the day we would shoot some pretty beautiful stuff. And pretty unique stuff for this type of universe.”

While Harbour didn’t give too much away regarding his performance as the Dark Horse Comics character, he did add that fans shouldn’t expect a whole lot of CGI in the Neil Marshall-directed film. He explained:

“A lot of it [was] very practical. Practical monsters and practical fights — not a lot of CGI.”

The film made headlines early on in the process when actor Ed Skrein realized he’d been hired to portray a character of color and bowed out of the production to allow an actor whose race matched the character’s to be cast. Daniel Dae Kim has since taken on the role of Ben Daimio, a BPRD agent who can transform into a jaguar.

For more on Harbour’s ‘Hellboy,’ check out the clip below!