The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of mystery, and often leaves fans with lingering questions following each film. While the MCU does its best to answer these questions, one has stumped even the most researched among us.

Which Chris is the hottest?

Does Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth or Chris Pratt take the title of Hottest Marvel Chris? Of course, it’s all a matter of opinion (cough, Chris Pratt, cough), but for Ryan Reynolds, picking just one isn’t an option. When asked online if he could settle the argument of which Marvel Chris is hotter, Reynolds responded:

I like your style, Reynolds! Rather than choose between vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, why not go all in and buy all three? If Deadpool had his way, he would be snacking on a trifecta made up of all the best parts of Thor, Star-Lord and Captain America.

While Marvel has three leading Chrises, we would be remiss not to mention Chris Pine, who has left his own mark on the superhero movie genre by portraying Steve Trevor in ‘Wonder Woman.’ Even though Pine can’t technically be part of the Marvel ice cream order, Reynolds has still found a way to make him part of the sundae, saying:

Clever! It’s also worth mentioning that since Disney purchased 20th Century Fox last month, it’s plausible that one day we could see Reynolds alongside one or all of the Marvel Chrises in a superhero setting. Disney CEO Bob Iger said that the current ‘Deadpool’ franchise would likely continue under a specific R-brand, but it would be cool to see the heroes team up!

Evans, Hemsworth and Pratt will all be back next year as their respective MCU characters for ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’ But in case you’d like to see more of them, Hemsworth can next be seen in ‘12 Strong’ starting January 19, Pratt will reprise Owen Grady in ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ on June 22, and Evans will star in ‘The Red Sea Diving Resort,’ which hasn’t been scheduled yet.