Haunted Mansion

‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ creator Shannon Tindle shared a little treat on Twitter over the weekend, a teaser for a ‘Haunted Mansion’ animation project that he had developed at Disney. The teaser, which can be viewed below, was as far as the idea went, since Disney decided not to move forward with the idea.


The project was developed last year with a small group of people as part of Tindle’s overall development deal with Disney Television Animation (DTVA). Tindle wrote pilots for two different versions of a possible ‘Haunted Mansion’ animated series. One would be an ongoing series and the other a limited series.

Speaking in an interview about the project, Tindle said:

“My goal was to take inspiration from all the backstories created by the artists at WED [the name of Disney’s Imagineering division] and stitch it into one, giant narrative. The story would span several years and focus on different characters, but add up to one big, interconnected story.”

The series would have had “a lot of fun and silly elements to it,” he explains, but it would be contained within a larger story in which viewers entered the show through the eyes of a character struggling with grief over a recently-lost loved one. Tindle explained:

“I love playing with tone, and animation (particularly a property that has ghosts as part of its DNA) is particularly good at weaving broad fun with deeply emotional stories.”

While it seems unlikely that Disney will produce the project, Tindle’s teaser received a strongly enthusiastic reaction after he posted it on Twitter. As for Tindle himself, he remains enthused too, saying:

“I’d still love to jump back in and make this thing!”

Artists who worked on the teaser with Tindle were Sunmin Inn, Matt Williames and Rachelle Reyes; Marsai Martin (‘Black-ish’) provides the voice. Tindle won an Emmy for Individual Achievement in Animation for his work on ‘Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.’ Other credits also include ‘Coraline,’ ‘The Croods’ and ‘The Fairly OddParents.’