peter capaldi TARDIS

‘Doctor Who’ waves goodbye to 2017 with one last nod to recently departed Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi. A video shared by the official ‘Doctor Who’ Twitter account on New Year’s Eve gave fans one last look at Capaldi’s TARDIS, as it was stripped away to make room for Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker.

In the time-lapsed video below, Capaldi’s TARDIS is taken apart piece by piece, and may have some fans feeling wistful at the thought of a new era. But, don’t fret too much!


The tweet itself reminds fans that ‘Doctor Who’ will return in 2018, and will see new adventures with Whittaker in control of the TARDIS.

At least, we hope she finds her way back to the big blue box. In the final moments of ‘Twice Upon a Time’, Thirteen was last seen being thrown out the door into space as the TARDIS sputtered and then de-materialised. Re-live those exciting final moments of Capaldi’s epic regeneration, and the first glimpse of Whittaker’s Doctor with the video below:


If you are still feeling sad about all this change in ‘Doctor Who,’ remember Capaldi’s own wise and comforting words written to a young fan who was sad to see him go:

“Even though [regeneration] can be a little icky (like a really bad flu), it has always, always
turned out good for ‘Doctor Who.’ The New Doctor always becomes your favourite
and the one that goes… Well, he never really goes. He is always there, somewhere in time
and space, and if you think about him hard enough, you’ll see him and he’ll see you.
It’s like The Doctor says, ‘Everything ends and it’s always sad. But everything begins again
and that’s always happy.’ Be happy.”

‘Doctor Who’ will return with Whittaker’s first full series in the fall of 2018, on BBC One in the UK and BBC America in the US.