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Peter Capaldi, who gave his final performance as the Twelfth Doctor during the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special, has written a special Christmas letter to a nine-year-old fan who was a little nervous about regeneration.

Capaldi wrote to David McGilloway, from Londonderry, to ease his worries about the regeneration process. In his handwritten letter, he said regeneration “is a bit icky,” and compared it to “having a bad flu”. But he added it works out “well in the end”.

Capaldi has played the role of Doctor Who since 2013, leaving the show on Christmas Day when his character regenerated to become the new – and first female – Doctor, played by ‘Broadchurch’ star Jodie Whittaker.

Nine-year old superfan David said the letter, which arrived via Santa, left him “speechless and so surprised”. He said:

“The letter was just so magical, the envelope it came in, Peter Capaldi drew a Dalek on it and it said my name on it.”

David’s older brother Tom also received a letter from the Doctor. Their dad, Brian, a teacher and author, said Santa may have picked up the idea to ask Capaldi to write the letter from a chance encounter he had with former Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston when he was filming in Belfast. He explained that Capaldi’s letters were the perfect Christmas presents for the boys, saying:

“It was such a lovely thing for him to have done, I don’t know how Santa managed to do it. He (Capaldi) has taken a lot of time and effort, it is such a generous and kind thing to have done.”

In the letter, Capaldi also reassured David that the old Doctors never really go away, “they are always there in time and space”. He wrote:

“It’s like the Doctor says, everything ends and it’s always sad. But everything begins again, and that’s always happy. Be happy. So have a brilliant Xmas, a Happy New Year and a wonderful life – I’m sure you will.”

‘Doctor Who’ has been around since 1963, with a relaunch in 2005. Capaldi replaced Matt Smith as the Doctor – whose ability to regenerate has allowed a number of actors to play the role – four years ago. Whittaker will take her turn in the Tardis when ‘Doctor Who’ returns to BBC in the fall of 2018.