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Warning! ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk!

On Christmas Day, Whovians all over the world watched as Peter Capaldi gave his final performance as the Twelfth Doctor during the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special, and it was one for the ages. Capaldi not only gave an epic regeneration speech, but The Doctor also got to say one final goodbye to former companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman). While the cameo was surprising and gave fans one last farewell to the character, it was one that now-former showrunner Steven Moffat said was not easy to pull off. In a recent interview, Moffat explained:

“I had to phone Jenna, who was incredibly busy on Victoria. Incredibly busy. A ridiculous schedule. I mean she was well up for it, but it was complicated to arrange.”

Coleman’s commitment to ‘Victoria’ was one of the main reasons many ‘Doctor Who’ fans initially assumed she would be sitting the finale out, though that didn’t stop the rumor mill from churning out theories that the character would appear.

While the rumors proved true, most aren’t aware of the hoops Moffat had to jump through to make it happen. Moffat revealed that Coleman’s part in the finale had to be filmed after production had wrapped on the episode, and was then inserted afterward via special effects. The scene ended up being the final thing Moffat would shoot for the series.

Moffat’s success in bringing back Clara wasn’t just a gift to fans of ‘Doctor Who.’, but a gift to the show itself. With The Testimony drawing upon memories to show her image to the Doctor, they brought back all the memories he had of Clara Oswald that had been previously erased. The fact that the Doctor can remember his former companion again will certainly make it easier to bring her back in the future should new showrunner Chris Chibnall be able to work anything out for her down the line.

‘Doctor Who’ is set to return to BBC America for Season 11 sometime in the fall of 2018.