doctor who twice upon a christmas

With just 11 days to go until to Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and the Steven Moffat say their final farewells, some fans are finding it hard to wait! Some sites have been granted early access to ‘Twice Upon a Time,’ so to hold us over until December 25, we have a list of hints and teasers from the episode!

Minor spoilers ahead: while these tidbits won’t ruin the episode for you, turn back now if you want to go into the Christmas special totally blind!

  1. If you have seen the footage of William Hartnell morphing into David Bradley from the first trailer? You may not know that scene appears in the episode itself. and is not the only footage from Hartnell’s last story, 1966’s ‘The Tenth Planet’, to be featured in the special.
  2. The episode also features a few shot-for-shot recreations of surviving scenes from ‘The Tenth Planet’ featuring Bradley as the first Doctor, plus his companions Ben (originally Michael Craze, now played by Jared Garfield) and Polly (Anneke Wills in archive footage, Lily Travers in the new scenes).
  3. “This is it… the very first time,” is a line that is said by someone at some point, apparently.
  4. Fans will get an explanation as to why the first Doctor looks different.
  5. The first Doctor displays a ‘Doctor Who’ fans attention to detail, and disdain, when it comes to the changes made to the TARDIS since 1966.
  6. Again, there is an explanation of sorts as to why the TARDIS looks different now. In particular, why it’s bigger, as Capaldi’s big, blue TARDIS dwarfs Bradley’s tinier, less conspicuous version.
  7. There’s a joke about doctors and nurses, but it’s not in any way related to the imminent arrival of our first female Doctor.
  8. “It’s been rock ‘n’ roll, “ is another line that is said at some point. I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do with this information but here it is!
  9. The first Doctor is terrified by a glimpse of his future – and it’s about more than his reaction to the sonic sunglasses.
  10. There’s a joke related to an actor who was considered for the part of the Doctor, but turned the part down.
  11. “That’s the trouble with hope… it makes one awfully frightened.”
  12. There are callbacks to one of Peter Capaldi’s earliest outings as the Doctor (and also one of David Tennant’s).
  13. In what may be his final outing on the show, long-time composer Murray Gold re-uses many of his old classic compositions, including the haunting ‘The Doctor’s Theme’ from way back in 2005.
  14. The magic of Christmas and the idea of peace on Earth are themes that are integral to the episode.
  15. Peter Capaldi gets not one but two epic final monologues. His final scenes are properly heartbreaking and his grandiose final speech is capped off with a fitting final line.

Tune in to ‘Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time’ on Christmas Day!