walking dead

In the recent ‘The Walking Dead’ episode “Time For After,” Rick returned to the junkyard to attempt to re-enlist the help of Jadis and her scavenging crew.  Much like the first go-around last season, Rick was pitted against a particularly ferociously-outfitted walker and had to survive the battle in order to prove himself.

Unlike the last time, however, Rick wasn’t, shall we say, wearing his full Sunday Best outfit.  In fact, Andrew Lincoln had a very specific idea in mind for the fight scene, as he relayed in a recent interview:

“My first question, when I read the episode, I told to Scott [Gimple], ‘Surely Michonne comes to save Rick and sees him naked and I’m like, ‘It’s not what it looks like!’ [laughs] You know what I mean? I wanted that scene! … It means that I kind of get to do a naked smackdown, which, frankly, I’m down for. And I don’t care that it’s a little bit of a leap of faith, so long as I got to wrestle in boxer shorts all day. It was a really fun fight, and I was desperate to be naked, but they wouldn’t let me be naked. I did one take, I said, ‘Please, just the cowboy boots. Just do that.’ And for some reason, AMC weren’t particularly comfortable with that.”

Well, that certainly would have been a weird first in a show that has already featured several odd televised “firsts,” mostly relating to creative ways to dispatch zombies.  Lincoln certainly sounds like quite the effusive character on-set; fellow ‘Walking Dead’ co-star Josh McDermitt recently talked about how he’d like to see his character, Eugene, get his death scene, and it also involved a bit of Rick-related madness.

The current season of ‘The Walking Dead’ is airing on Sunday nights on AMC.