Hotel Transylvania 3

When you think of Dracula, you probably wouldn’t think he was a lover of summer vacations. What with the sun, the beach, more sun, general merriment, and did I mention the sun? However, in a newly released trailer for ‘Hotel Transylvania 3,’ Adam Sandler‘s character finds himself on a cruise ship catered specifically to him and his spooky and kooky buddies.

Fans of the franchise know that Drac has been busy fulfilling everyone else’s vacation dreams for years at his family hotel. So now it’s his turn to enjoy some rest and relaxation! This cruise has monster volleyball, all-you-can-eat buffets, photo ops, and absolutely no sun whatsoever. Actually, it sounds kind of awesome!

In the clip, Drac also has to weather his father’s somewhat revealing swimsuit, as well as Ericka, the mysterious captain of the ship. Though he becomes smitten with her, she’s hiding a dangerous secret with the potential to destroy all of monster kind.

It has been two years since fans have seen what the ‘Hotel Transylvania’ crew has been up to. We were treated to a fun short in front of 2017’s ‘Emoji Movie,’ which featured Drac getting into some hot water after gifting his grandson Dennis with a puppy.

Selena Gomez, who voices Drac’s daughter, Mavis, says this could be the funniest ‘Hotel Transylvania’ film yet. Gomez said:

“The comedic situations the characters from the first two films find themselves in might be the funniest yet! My dad Drac begins dating, so in this one Mavis acts as the overprotective parent. I had a good time playing up that dynamic!”

Andy Samberg, Kevin James, David Spade, Steve Buscemi, Keegan-Michael Key, Molly Shannon, Fran Drescher, and Mel Brooks can also be heard among the voice cast.

‘Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation,’ directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, is scheduled to hit theaters on July 13, 2018. Check out the first trailer below!