doctor who

Last week, Whovians finally saw the unveiling of Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker’s official ‘Doctor Who’ costume, and it did not disappoint! Fans across the universe loved the striped shirt, high-waisted teal culottes with suspenders and lace-up brown boots. In short, the new Time Lord was slaying the game!


We would be remiss to not mention that light brown coat, carefully lined with the same bright colors as the top which is sure to be the hit of cosplayers as they meticulously plan their convention outfits!

However, we know now that fans might want to hold off before running out to buy a beige trench coat. According to one show insider, everybody has been wrong about Whittaker’s jacket thus far. The jacket is not beige at all – it’s actually light blue.

‘Doctor Who’ Brand Manager Edward Russell revealed the coat’s true color at Long Island Doctor Who-con and later confirmed the comments on Twitter. Edward told fans that the coat is actually a sky blue/lilac color and not the sandy hue it appears in the official image.

Maybe the coat is made of physic paper and we are just seeing what we want to see!

Actually, the lighting of the shot is to blame for the confusion, but hopefully some new photos will get out there soon to clear up the mistake. One fan Tweeted a picture of what the coat may actually look like:

Now that I feel all wibbly wobbly about how I see colors, I will be questioning everything. What is the real Tardis blue? Maybe we will never know!

Doctor Who returns to BBC1 this Christmas.