‘MythBusters,’ the fan-favorite show where people blow things up in the name of science, is coming back! The show ran for 14 seasons on Discovery Channel, and will now make its Season 15 premiere on Science Channel November 15th. Fans of the show may be interested to know that it’s not just the network that’s changing. After a widespread search, Brian Louden and Jon Lung have been announced as the hosts for a completely new round of explosive experiments!

Louden and Lung will host 14 new episodes of ‘MythBusters,’ and thanks to a recently released clip, fans can get a sneak peek at the premiere. In the clip, the pair are investigating what happens when a car’s airbag is deployed in unusual ways. Fair warning: they use a mannequin as a stand-in for a real human, but the result is still not pretty, as you might expect.

Fans can also meet the new ‘MythBusters’ ahead of the premiere thanks to a Science Channel promo. Check it out below!


Science Channel also released a synopsis of the episode and following season:

Brian and Jon tackle the classic cinematic trope of delayed causality and try to find out if it’s really possible to decapitate a bad guy, zombie, or monster so fast, so accurately, that the head and body hold in position for a dramatic pause. To find the answer, they build and test a rocket-powered sword.

Other myths this season will determine if a burglar stuck in a chimney could be shot skywards if a homeowner lights his propane-powered fireplace, the possibility of igniting a lethal campsite catastrophe by cigarette lighter and a sleeping bag full of flatulence, whether a lumberjack can accidentally chop himself down by cutting into a tree and striking an embedded bullet, and more.

The new season of ‘MythBusters’ premieres November 15th on the Science Channel!