john boyega star wars: the last jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ is getting closer every day, and while most of its plot secrets are still intact, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating and coming up with theories at warp speed.

In a recent interview, John Boyega addressed a theory about his character: whether Finn could be a Jedi. Certain clues have suggested to some fans that Storm Trooper defector Finn is Force-sensitive and could go on to explore his Jedi side. These clues include the fact that he’s wasn’t awful handling a lightsaber, he believes in the Force, and Kylo Ren seems to sense him after he’s defected.

When asked if he’d like to be a Jedi, Boyega’s answer was pretty clear:

“Would I like to be a Jedi? I think it would be more interesting if they had more than one person be a Jedi – but I think that that is the one of the unspoken laws of ‘Star Wars.’ They only have one who has to go away and train.”

Rey is that one person for the purpose of this film, so dismissing the multiple Jedi theory does seem to put that theory to rest. Boyega went on to explain that there is still more to come from his character:

“I hope it takes an interesting turn; not in terms of being a Jedi, but there are loads more stronger characters in the ‘Star Wars’ universe that can go up against Jedi and they don’t necessarily have to be a Jedi. I would like to explore that more; the whole Boba Fett vibe. I would like to explore that for Finn, but who knows?”

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ storms into theaters on December 15!