Cornelius Fudge Mister for Magic

Those of us well versed in Harry Potter lore know that Cornelius Fudge was the wizard-born Minister for Magic who refused to believe Harry about Lord Voldemort’s return to power. And basically caused a whole mess of problems. We are now learning that wasn’t always how author JK Rowling pictured the character.

In a very early draft of the first ‘Harry Potter’ novel, on display in the British Library’s new exhibit ‘Harry Potter: A History of Magic,’ Fudge was originally a Muggle politician serving in the Muggle world. Cue collective gasp.

In this early version of the story, Fudge met with the wizarding world’s representative, Rubeus Hagrid, to discuss a series of mysterious deaths, with Hagrid urging Fudge to warn the public of the threat they faced from this villain that Hagrid wouldn’t name.

As if a Muggle-born Fudge isn’t too much to wrap your head around (I’m still not over it), it seems this alternate version of the character also found himself at odds with none other than Harry’s uncle Vernon Dursley, who was described as one of the Muggle Fudge’s enemies.

That is a storyline I would have liked to see! Imagine the chest puffing!

The ‘Harry Potter’ exhibit celebrates 20 years since the publication of the series’ first novel ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Sorcerer’s Stone for those of us across the pond).’ The collection features rare books, manuscripts and magical objects, capturing the traditions of folklore and magic from across the world, which are at the heart of the ‘Harry Potter’ stories. The exhibit runs through February 2018.

For fans who can’t quite make the trip, a one-off documentary special ‘Harry Potter: A History of Magic’ will air on October 28 on BBC One, and will go behind-the-scenes of the exhibit to uncover the real-life traditions of magic at the heart of the wizarding world JK Rowling created.