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We can all agree that we hate Negan. ‘The Walking Dead’s’ mysterious big bad played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan sparks within fans a rage that seems to grow with every episode. But, what do we really know about Negan? He wields a barbwire-wrapped baseball bat he affectionately calls “Lucille,” he rules over an army of criminals known as the Saviors, and he has an affinity for leather jackets. Does anyone know the real Negan?

While we know ‘The Walking Dead’s’ eighth season won’t be featuring Negan’s origin story, there is a “loose plan” in place to bring Negan’s backstory to audiences in the show’s future, according to showrunner Scott M. Gimple. And the current season will reveal more about Rick Grimes’ arch foe.

During a Q&A panel at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta, Morgan told audiences:

“The great thing about this year, that I can tell y’all, is that we’re going to find out a lot more about Negan. There is a lot of Negan’s backstory out there. We haven’t filmed any of that, but there are conversations with a few characters where we’ll find out a little more about him. We’ll have some quieter moments this year, some one-on-one interactions where you’ll learn more about where he’s from. Even if you hate Negan, you’re gonna start to understand how he became the man that he is and why he does the things that he does. I’m learning more about Negan every time I put on my leather jacket.”

Ahead of the premiere of the series’ 100th episode, Morgan revealed that traitorous Eugene (Josh McDermitt) will help divulge some of Negan’s history. Fans will have to keep watching to see what information about Negan is revealed on the show, but those who have read Robert Kirkman’s comic book have an idea of what to expect from Negan’s official origin story, ‘Here’s Negan,’ which was recently collected in a standalone hardcover. Gimple explained:

“I take that ‘Here’s Negan’ story as the backstory. There’s some aspects of it that will probably be cool [on the show]. It’s some fairly far-flung stuff… in the future, you will see some stuff from that.”

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.