doctor who christmas special will jenna coleman appear

Whovians everywhere have been asking one major question the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special: will Jenna Coleman make an appearance? Fans may remember when Matt Smith regenerated in 2013, his first companion, Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), showed up with a goodbye message, so it only makes sense that Coleman could return as Clara Oswald to bid the same kind of farewell to Peter Capaldi’s outgoing Doctor.

While we do know that she was asked to make an appearance, there has been no confirmation on how the character would fit into the episode. During a panel at Belgium Comic-Con, one fan put the question to Coleman. She gave this ambiguous response:

“All I’ll say is that from February to late August, I was filming on Victoria. I did film goodbye and leaving videos for Steven [Moffat] and Peter.”

She added:

“It was good. I was literally outside a trailer saying ‘hi!’ on [a] phone. Maybe some rumours have come from there. I don’t know.”

At first, this doesn’t look too good for Whovians hoping to see a little more of Clara before Capaldi’s chapter officially closes. Was Coleman implying she barely had time to film a video for Capaldi and outgoing showrunner Moffat, let alone make an appearance in the Christmas special?

We can hold out some hope that she may still appear, as she could have just shut down the rumors directly and failed to do so. It would make sense for Clara to appear; as mentioned above, it has become customary for past companions to bid some sort of farewell to the outgoing Doctor. Fans will just have to wait and see!

Check out Coleman’s response during the fan panel below!

Doctor Who returns to BBC1 this Christmas.