IT Georgie

Picture it (pun intended): you’re in the theater watching ‘IT,’ and the opening scene with Georgie and Pennywise is unfolding. It ends, and you think to yourself, “I wish I could watch that scene again!” If that sounds like you, first get help, second, you’re in luck!

Fandango has released a four-minute-long clip of little Georgie’s big moment with Pennywise for fans to watch online. Leaving out bits and pieces from the first few minutes of the film, the footage picks up with Bill’s little brother running out into the rain to test out their paper boat and what happens after it slips down the sewer drain.

If you are a normal human and are worried about seeing a little child being eaten alive by a demonic clown, played by Bill Skarsgard, the video cuts out just before things get too bloody.

With the huge box office success of ‘IT,’ the second chapter can’t be too far behind. While the project hasn’t been officially greenlit, negotiations are well underway. Co-screenwriter Gary Dauberman has already signed up to write the next installment, while director Andy Muschietti is also close to closing his own deal with New Line.

Jackson Robert Scott, who played Georgie in the film, will be seen by fans again as Bode Locke in Hulu’s pilot for ‘Locke & Key,’ reuniting him with ‘IT’ director Andy Muschietti. But, probably, he will forever be known as poor Georgie who lost his boat, and later uttered the famous phrase, “you’ll float too.”

Re-watch the moment over and over again below!