Netflix’s upcoming film, ‘Bright,’ places viewers in a fantasy world where orcs are treated as second class citizens, cops have to deal with medieval sword-carrying crazies, and a magic wand is considered a weapon of mass destruction (that can also grant wishes.) A new trailer for ‘Bright’ has just dropped, showing more footage of Will Smith and Joel Edgerton’s dynamic cop duo.

Written by Max Landis (‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’) and directed by David Ayer (‘Suicide Squad’), ‘Bright‘ boasts a  storyline centered around a lavish world of magic and fantastical beasts, and brings with it all the slow-mo car crashes, special effects, and action fans could ask for.

Ward (Smith) and his new partner, Jakoby (Edgerton), the first orc to become a cop in this alternate-reality Los Angeles, go out on a routine mission that doesn’t quite go as planned. They run into an elf (Noomi Rapace) with a magic wand. And not the kind that will summon your coffee from across the room.  If you try using this wand, you’ll unleash what’s essentially a “nuclear weapon that grants wishes.” Fun!

An underlying theme of the film is the racial tension between orcs and humans. “Are you a cop first or an orc first,” Ward can be heard asking his partner. Smith elaborated on this subject further during the film’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Smith said:

“[Joel’s] character is the first orc on the team, and I’m an African-American police officer who just found somebody else to be racist against. You never get to be on that side of racism when you’re black. ‘Look, man, I don’t want no orcs in my car!’”

Bright’ premiers on Netflix this December 22. Watch the trailer below!