walking dead

Fans saw the Alexandria-Hilltop-Kingdom triumvirate deliver a substantial assault on the Saviors during the season premiere of ‘The Walking Dead.’ However, as anticipated, it will take a lot more than one attack to bring down Negan. If you just can’t wait until next week to see what happens, you’re in luck!

A brand new clip has been released, featuring a sneak peek at what happens next with this glimpse at next week’s episode. Jesus, Tara, and Morgan face a dilemma as they figure out how to gain entry to the Saviors outpost.

The Saviors have built in an interesting defense system. How will our heroes get past it? That’s what they need to figure out.

The long running series’ 100th episode and the start of its eighth season gave fans of the franchise a taste of the style they have come to love. The first episode was truly a return to form. Andrew Lincoln’s intense hero, Rick, and his band of survivors implemented a complex plan to overthrow Negan and win back control of their communities. They refuse to be passive victims anymore. Instead, they’re active and fighting back. It’s the way longtime fans are used to seeing them, and it feels like this season is on to something good!

Watch the scene below, and don’t miss ‘The Walking Dead’ when it returns Sunday on AMC!