For fans hoping to see more of Steve Trevor in ‘Wonder Woman 2,’ director Patty Jenkins has some bad news. Jenkins recently responded to several fan theories from ‘Wonder Woman,’ and first on the list was Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor.

One hopeful fan theorized that Trevor may be alive after accidentally bathing in special water. After Diana rescues him from the sea, Trevor is seen bathing in one of the pools on Themyscira. The fan suggested that the pools have magical powers, and could have resurrected him.

Jenkins all but killed this theory, cryptically saying:

“I’ve got bad news for everybody.”

So there’s that. But, before you are overcome with emotion, Jenkins did address a few more theories. One such theory has to do with Trevor’s final words. While Diana’s ears are ringing and she is unable to fully make out what Trevor is saying to her, later during her confrontation with Ares, his words become clear. Trevor says:

 “It has to be me. It has to be me. I can save today. You can save the world. I wish we had more time. I love you.”

The fan theory stated that only the audience can hear those words, as Diana still can’t put those together. Jenkins explained that Diana actually did hear his words. She said:

“When you’re in shock, you’re in a car accident, and I’ve actually had this happen to me when someone starts saying a bunch of stuff to you and you’re like “what-what”, and then later you realize what that person was trying to say to you. That’s very much how that scene was. Later she puts back together what he was saying, and realizes the meaning of it, so she does hear him say it.”

So, another incorrect fan theory squashed! But, one was right on the money. A fan theorized that the power of the shockwave she unleashes on Themyscira is actually in Diana, not her bracers. Jenkins confirmed this was correct, saying:

“Correct. She’s wearing bracers like everybody is. It is Diana who is the god, internally hitting a state of mind that makes her capable to send out that shockwave through those bracelets, not the bracelets themselves.”

You can watch the entire interview the clip below!

Wonder Woman is currently available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital storefronts.