Kotobukiya Nightwing Statue

After Brenton Thwaites was announced as playing Dick Grayson on the ‘Titans’ live-action series, Google searches for “Brenton Thwaites Butt” spiked because… forget acting ability.  There was one physical attribute that Thwaites HAD to have to properly embody the ex-Boy Wonder: the perfect rump.

Thanks to artists like Nicola Scott and Mikel Janin (whose work is shown above), Nightwing has become the king of comic book “hubba-hubba”– the male counterpart to the buxon Power Girl.  (Oh and just to clarify, that is NOT Batman ogling his posterior, it’s gay vigilante Midnighter.)

While there were plenty of amazing announcements and revelations at New York Comic Con, it was the new Ikemen (“handsome men”) statue of Nightwing by Japanese collectibles manufacturer Kotobukiya that has been causing a buzz on social media.



“Sculpted by the talented Naoya Muto, Nightwing poses with his finger to his lips as if asking you to keep his identity a secret.  He comes with two interchangeable head parts so you can display him with or without his mask. The mask part he is holding is also removable.”



There are also numerous Nightwing’s butt blogs on Tumblr.  Or so I’ve heard.


Of course, Nightwing is the first of this line of Ikemen.  Kotobukia has already released an extensive set of Bishoujo statues featuring women from DC and Marvel as well as various video games, anime, and manga.  Here’s a sampling, just to be fair:

Harley Quinn













In case you were curious, the next statue in the Ikemen series keeps things in the family.  After Dick Grayson left his role of Robin, it was assumed by Jason Todd, who now acts as the bad boy of the Bat Family, Red Hood:

Presumably, we’ll have to wait until closer to its 2018 release to find out how this one looks from behind.

The ‘Titans’ series will debut on Warner Brothers new DC Comics-based streaming service which will launch next year.  Chris McKay is attached to direct an un-attached ‘Nightwing’ solo movie with a script by Bill Dubuque.  A release date has not yet been set.

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