With all the sneak peeks fans have been given for season eight of ‘The Walking Dead,’ it seems a bit premature to release one with Rick saying “we’ve already won!” Still, it isn’t unlike the character to make bold, sweeping statements, especially if he is giving an inspirational speech to his people in Alexandria, and possibly also the Hilltoppers and Kingdom dwellers, who are all preparing to fight against Negan and the Saviors.

Check out this new teaser:


“The world is ours,” he declares with his usual southern bravado. Rick can also be heard saying:

 “With everything we’ve beat, everything we’ve become. No matter what comes next, we’ve already won!”

Always with the never-ending optimism, that Rick. Something tells us that the “All Out War” battle with Negan is going to be quite a bit tougher than such big declarations might imply. After all, fans of the show have seen the lengths Negan will go to in order to keep himself, and The Saviors, on top of the food chain (technically the zombies are at the top of the food chain, but I digress).

Lennie James, who portrays the hotly debated character Morgan Jones, gave a recent interview where he warned fans:

“The first three episodes, I don’t think they take much of a breath. I mean, it just keeps going, and we settle down a little bit later, and it’s going to be brutal and there are going to be causalities. The battles aren’t always necessarily in the direction that is expected, and the consequences of those will be far-reaching.”

The highly anticipated ‘The Walking Dead’ season eight premiere airs Sunday, October 22 on AMC. The premiere will also mark the series’ milestone 100th episode.