stranger things 2

Fans have been given the first clip from ‘Stranger Things’ season two, and it did not disappoint! The clip shows the ‘Stranger Things’ boys being spooked on Halloween. Though the sequel to the first season of ‘Stranger Things’ will premier more than a year later, it will launch during the Halloween season. The creepiest holiday of the year will factor into the storyline for ‘Stranger Things’ season two directly.

The marketing for the second season has made a few subtle nods to Halloween. For example, a poster featuring Hopper investigating a field full of mangled pumpkins, as well as several throwback posters that have paid homage to cult horror classics like ‘Evil Dead’ and ‘Alien.’ The posters also remain true to the show’s ’80s nostalgia. These marketing strategies came to a head yesterday with the release of an 8-bit-inspired mobile game for ‘Stranger Things.’ Those courageous enough to beat the game were promised a special reward.

One Twitter user was triumphant, and discovered that, upon completion of the game, the first clip from ‘Stranger Things’ season two was revealed! Check out the clip below!



One of the first images from season two featured the main characters in ‘Ghostbuster’ costumes as they enjoyed Trick-or-treating. In the new clip, we see that the night starts innocently enough until they encounter a new character, Max. Portrayed by Sadie Sink (‘The Glass Castle’), Max is the mischievous little sister of Billy (Dacre Montgomery). Not much is known about how these two will factor into the plot of season two, but some theories suggest they are connected to Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown).

Additional promotional photos for ‘Stranger Things’ Season Two have given fans a better look at Billy, and it has been reported that he will play a somewhat destructive force. Max seems to be an aggressive troublemaker, which should add a nice dynamic to the show’s young cast.

Considering the lighthearted tone of the clip, it is safe to assume that this scene will take place early on in the new season. After all, the characters have bigger things to worry about than what candy they will score on Halloween. A giant monster wreaking havoc in their town probably tops the list.

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