ABC has released a new trailer for the highly anticipated series Marvel’s ‘The Inhumans,’ featuring footage we have not yet seen in previous promotional materials for the series.

The trailer opens with Crystal, a key player in the ‘Fantastic Four’ universe over the years, and Lockjaw, largely considered the show’s ace in the hole (he’s a giant, CGI, teleporting bulldog, neat!), and also features a lighter tone than previous trailers.

The first two episodes of the upcoming series were co-financed by IMAX, and the episodes premiering in IMAX theaters worldwide earlier this month for a limited two-week engagement.

The limited debut was met with poor reviews from critics and currently holds a 6% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with 17 reviews. Fans who saw ‘Inhumans’ in theaters weighed in with mostly mixed to negative reactions, taking to the internet to reveal the series’ biggest flaws. Still, loyal fans of the mutant Marvel Comics heroes hope the show will turn things around.

The eight-episode series, ‘Inhumans,’ will air on ABC beginning September 29.

Check out the new trailer!