artemis andy weir

Phil Lord and Chris Miller are set to direct the adaptation of ‘Martian’ author Andy Weir’s upcoming book ‘Artemis.’ This will be their first project since leaving the ‘Han Solo’ film.

The novel, which is set to be released by Crown Publishing on November 17, is a thriller set in the near future. The story follows aimless 20-something-year-old Jazz, pulling at the constraints of her small town, Artemis, the first and only city on the moon. As a budding smuggler, Jazz unintentionally finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy for the control of her hometown.

‘Artemis’ was picked up proactively by Fox and New Regency in May. Simon Kinberg and Aditya Sood are producing with Genre Films. Steve Asbell is overseeing for 20th Century Fox.

‘The Martian,’, directed by Ridley Scott, was a huge success for the studio, garnering $630 million at the international box office and seven Oscar nominations.

In a recent interview, Weir said about the upcoming film:

“I’m really excited about ‘Artemis.’ I got to do the science-dork stuff I love, but this time with a much more complex and character-driven plot. It’s a big stretch for me, but I think it came out well. Hopefully the readers will agree.”

‘Artemis’ will serve as the first project from the directing duo since they were let go from the ‘Star Wars: Han Solo’ stand-alone film in June with several weeks still left on the shoot. Ron Howard took over directing duties for the rest of principal photography and the extensive reshoots.

Lord and Miller are known for directing ‘The Lego Movie,’ ’21 Jump Street’ and its follow-up ‘22 Jump Street,’ all of which were huge box office successes.