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It would appear that the time for creativity when it comes to movies is over, with as many remakes we have seen over the past few years. Beyond that, more and more movies are being made using ideas from other sources. With the huge success of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise, one could wonder why Disney has not made more movie adaptations of their theme park rides.

It may be because 2015’s ‘Tomorrowland,’ and 2003’s ‘The Haunted Mansion’ were a sign that not every theme park adaptation is a guaranteed hit.

This is where Space Mountain comes in. Space Mountain has long been one of Disney’s most popular and long-running rides and is the subject of a screenplay written by Max Landis. Unfortunately, Landis has never been able to get his movie off the ground, but that doesn’t mean he is staying silent about his long-dead project.

Max Landis
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In a recent interview, Landis shared details of his ‘Space Mountain’ script, which he originally sold to Walt Disney Pictures in 2012. The production was halted after a few months when it was revealed that Disney had acquired Lucasfilm and new ‘Star Wars’ films took precedent.

Since Disney now has their own wildly successful space-themed movie franchise, the script for ‘Space Mountain’ was grounded.

Landis said the script was inspired by the old surf-style music that played on the Space Mountain ride. He explained:

“I wanted to do a movie where people said ‘gee whiz’ but the stakes were huge. My Space Mountain movie was cool. It was a ’50s retro future movie. They had rocket ships and ray guns but no cell phones and internet.”

He described the rocket ships that traveled “faster than light” on roller coaster tracks, forming the conflict for the film:

“Another cool thing was the idea that when you come back from light speed, you’re 9 and a half grams lighter but you seem normal. Then slowly over the course of a day, it turns out that the human soul can’t travel at light speed. So whole ships come back with people with no souls who seem normal but then turn into horrible monsters — no wonder this movie didn’t get made.”

After the interview was released on YouTube earlier this week, Landis shared some of the concept art from his film on his Twitter, which you can check out below this article!

The interviewer makes a good point, that Disney may have had a hard time turning the story into a family-friendly film. However, the zombie narrative has only become more popular over the years. My personal opinion, I think it sounds super fun and I would totally watch it!

You can see the full interview with Landis below. If you are jonesing for more movie adaptations, Disney has gone full steam ahead with another theme park adaptation, ‘Jungle Cruise,’ starring Dwayne Johnson.