stranger things

‘Stranger Things’ just did the impossible…the show got even more retro. Netflix has been releasing a series of new posters from Season 2 that magnificently recreate classic movie posters from the ’70s and ’80s in hopes to deepen that feeling of nostalgia.


In the first image, Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, channels Drew Barrymore in the Stephen King-based ‘Firestarter.’ The girls in both shows have powers beyond human comprehension, but for now, Eleven has chosen to use hers for (mostly) good.


The next image features the terrifying Demogorgon compared to the monster of New England himself. Though we have yet to understand what the Demogorgon truly is and where he came from, it’s undisputable that both monsters caused major headaches for the characters in their shows.


Next, Winona Ryder takes on zombie classic ‘The Evil Dead.’ The 1981 film featured five college kids spending a seemingly innocent weekend in an old, abandoned cabin in the woods. We all know how those things turn out. We just hope the Demogorgon doesn’t come with a Necronomicon.


‘Alien’ makes an appearance in the next image, with the ‘Stranger Things’ version using a clever re-write of the original slogan from the ‘Alien’ franchise. It is unclear exactly what that floating thing is in the new image, but I am sure we will find out!


Next, the boys of ‘Stranger Things’ channel their best ‘Stand By Me.’ Appropriate, as both stories test the bounds of friendship, and ultimately bring the boys together to overcome their respective obstacles.


Jim Hopper (David Harbour) dons a poster that plays homage to ‘The Running Man.’ ‘The Running Man’ is another Stephen King adaptation, where Americans enjoy a television show about escaped criminals running for their lives from professional killers. This mash-up seems like more of a stretch as Hopper is trying to solve the mystery behind ‘Stranger Things,’ but perhaps Season 2 holds some surprises in that regard.


Finally, Natalie Dyer is terrorized by ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ monster in her poster. Interestingly enough, the caption reads “If Natalie doesn’t kill the Demogorgon, it’s coming for you next.” Maybe this is alluding to a bigger role for Dyer in the next season.

Don’t miss ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2, coming to Netflix on October 27th!