walking dead

Fans have been given several sneak peeks of the return of our favorite gang of zombie hunters. First, there was the first image of Season 8, a reunion shot of Daryl and Carol. Then came another exclusive image of Season 8, of Rick and Maggie armed for battle. Now, fans have been given a few more exclusive ‘Walking Dead’ images to hold them over until the premiere.

First up, we are treated to a photo of Norman Reedus perched on his motorcycle as Daryl Dixon. Daryl went through a lot last season, to put it mildly. But in this image, he looks like his old self with a motorcycle and a crossbow, so maybe we will see Daryl get his groove back. Well, that probably depends on how things go in the upcoming war between Negan and the Saviors. You guys continue this article without me, I’ll just be here looking at this picture…

Next, we get a shot showing two-thirds of the new leadership trio. Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and his pet tiger Shiva came to the rescue right as Rick (Andrew Lincoln) was about to watch Negan use Lucille on Carl. Now, the two will be working together (along with Maggie and the Hilltop) to finish off their sworn enemy, and his barbed-wire covered baseball bat. They look stoic and powerful in this photo, which hopefully means they will get it together and defeat their foe!

Keep your eyes peeled for more new photos and sneak peaks soon. And don’t miss ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 when it returns on October 22. If you haven’t seen the official trailer yet, you can watch it below!