doctor who

Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi’s final episode never promised to be an overly joyous occasion, but does show-runner Steven Moffat (who is also making his exit from the show) have even more ominous plans up his sleeve?

Fans are always safe to assume that the Doctor Who Christmas special won’t offer many glad tidings, especially considering that the upcoming ‘Twice Upon a Time’ is set to feature the regeneration of Capaldi’s  Doctor into Jodie Whittaker’s incarnation and the end of a seven-year era in Who history.

Information has surfaced leading fans to believe that the episode could be even darker than we expected, with Moffat suggesting that there could be some nasty times ahead for the Time Lord.

Speaking at a panel at the London Screenwriters’ Festival, Moffat was asked how he and BBC show ‘Sherlock’ co-creator Mark Gatiss (also present with producer Sue Vertue) balanced the title character’s selfish tendencies with his fundamentally good nature, and his answer included a fascinating Doctor Who tidbit for overly attentive fans. Moffat said:

“Why would Superman be good? Because kindness stops you being lonely, would be the answer. That’s what that’s about, for Sherlock Holmes. He’s good because for all he protests about it, there are people he cares about. So, kindness is what makes a unit of us. So if you are sane and rational, kindness is by far the best path. There isn’t anything rational about being vile and awful and evil. It’s not actually a good strategy.”

He then added cryptically:

“Prepare for that to be contradicted on Doctor Who on Christmas Day…”

It is unclear whether the “vile and awful and evil” comment refers to something initiated by the Doctor in the episode, the evil plans of his enemies, or even his own ruthless nature when it comes to the story of such a crucial episode.

Whatever the truth may be, it sounds like the Twelfth Doctor’s final adventure is sure to be full of drama. Which would be appropriate, considering the overall tone of the most recent series. Christmas can’t get here soon enough! Wait, can’t we use the Tardis to get there quicker?

Doctor Who returns to BBC this Christmas.