thor: ragnarok

Warning! Possible spoilers for ‘Thor: Ragnarok contained in this article!

The highly anticipated ‘Thor: Ragnarok continues to give fans sneak peeks of what is to come when we finally catch up to everyone’s favorite immortal later this year.

The film’s current trailers depict Thor in some tricky situations as Hela wreaks havoc on Asgard. A new behind-the-scenes clip, however, hints Thor very well could reclaim his hammer before the film ends.

Entertainment Tonight shared a video segment for the upcoming sequel that has fans eyeballing Mjölnir.


As you can see in the video, there is footage where Chris Hemsworth is filming a revealing, possibly spoilery, scene. Hemsworth is shown wearing dark clothes with leather accents, and his hand is stretched out to his side. Fans of the Thor character will recognize this as the stance he takes whenever he calls out for Mjölnir. Eagle eyed fans are theorizing the shot may hint at the return of his trusty hammer.

We already know the hero will lose Mjölnir during ‘Thor: Ragnarok.’ The hero is seen using the weapon against Hela in other trailers, but the Goddess of Death unceremoniously destroys the hammer. Thor is then forced to go on without his hammer as he fights Hela. Note – he still has his luxurious locks at this point.

From other trailers, we know Thor loses his hair some point later when he stumbles across the Grandmaster in Sakar, so Thor calling out to Mjölnir with short hair looks promising.

The new behind the scenes video contains more on set clips that will make even the most stoic fan geek out. The clip contains a shot of Thor pressing Loki into a couch with Mjölnir. He has long hair at this point and seems to be surrounded by Asgardian guards. This may be a scene in which Thor learns that Loki impersonated Odin to take control of Asgard.

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