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Will the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special be the last time fans of Peter Capaldi see him deliver one-liners in his infamous deadpan manner or play epic tunes on his electric guitar? Capaldi, the Twelfth and most recent incarnation of our favorite Time Lord, said during his panel at this year’s San Francisco Comic Con that he expects not to appear in future stories including multiple doctors after his exodus in this year’s Christmas special.

The outgoing Time Lord has suggested he might not return to the show after handing over his sonic screwdriver to Jodie Whittaker. During his panel, Capaldi mentioned that he has never been fond of stories that feature former Doctors, and said he hopes to put some time and space (pun intended) between him and the show once his time in the Tardis is up.

When an audience member asked whether he would ever consider returning to ‘Doctor Who’ for a multi-Doctor crossover story, Capaldi said:

 “I think when you should go, you should go. Even when I was a kid I believed [the Doctor] was this weird and wonderful thing, so if he kept showing up all the time in Big Finish or in multi Doctor stories he was more available. I don’t know. Maybe. But not for a while.”

Though Capaldi feels strongly that his and other versions of The Doctor should be kept as a rare treat for fans, he will not completely rule out a return to the show in the seemingly distant future.

If Capaldi were to exit the show and never return, he would find himself in good company. Christopher Eccleston, who portrayed the Ninth incarnation of The Doctor, left the show after one year. And though Eccleston has not made a physical return to the show, his likeness has been used many times during multi-Doctor episodes.

Nevertheless, do not fear, Capaldi will share his last adventure on screen with fans in the Christmas special, “Twice Upon a Time,” which is, interestingly enough, a multi Doctor story, with David Bradley portraying the first incarnation o The Doctor.