black panther

If you somehow didn’t think that Black Panther already had enough villains being shown in the film, then you’ll be happy to hear that we’re also getting introduced to Deadly Nightshade! Nabiyah Be confirmed her role on Twitter, announcing that her character is Tilda Johnson.

While we might not see her fully as Deadly Nightshade in the film, this long time foe of both Captain America and Black Panther could be a fun character to have in future films.

You can check out her confirmation here:

At the very least we have Tilda confirmed even without her supervillain moniker.

I also suspect that if she goes for the full supervillain name and outfit that we’ll be seeing her something closer to the image above than the super skimpy piece she wore throughout the 70s.

This genius has an interest in lycanthropy and in the comics created an army of werewolves to do her bidding. Born in New York, Tildon started her life of crime at an early age and had teamed up with many villains over the years. This history of teaming up is fitting as we’ll see her working with characters like Kilmonger and Ulysses Klaw in the film. While I doubt we’ll see any werewolves pop up quite yet, I do hope we see at least a nod to her research to be used down the line.

She first appeared in ‘Captain America’ #164 back in August of 1973 and is responsible at one point for turning him into a werewolf. I’m betting that this story arc never makes its way to the big screen.

Are you looking forward to the introduction of Deadly Nightshade in ‘Black Panther’? Do you feel that she’ll have her character explored or just be regulated to an almost Easter Egg for fans of the comics? Share your thoughts below True Believers!