‘The Flash’ Movie Is Casting Five Comic Book Characters Including Iris West And Eobard Thawne

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Ezra Miller

Seth Grahame-Smith‘s ‘The Flash’ movie is zipping ahead with casting.  Ezra Miller has long been cast as Barry Allen/The Flash and made a cameo in ‘Batman V Superman’, but what about his supporting cast?  It was previously reported that Victor Stone/Cyborg (Ray Fisher) would appear, establishing a playful rapport with the lead character.  Now comes word that Warner Brothers is looking to cast five more major characters drawn from the comics.

Flash2-13-007First is Iris West, Barry’s main love interest.  On The CW’s hit show, this character is played by Candice Patton, and she is Barry’s adoptive sister, but clearly the movie will depart from the shows.  In the comics, she is the aunt of Wally West, the character that later becomes the Kid Flash.

The next character the studio is seeking to cast is Fred Chyre, a veteran police officer from the comics that only briefly appeared on the show.  He is described as being Barry’s partner and closest friend and is investigating an unusual death at Thawne Industries.

matt-letscher-the-flashYes, Thawne.  That brings us to the next character that is being cast, Eobard Thawne, a character also known as The Reverse-Flash, perhaps The Flash’s arch-enemy.  On the TV version, this character is played by Matt Letscher and (kinda) Tom Cavanagh.  Just like The Flash, he possesses super speed powers.

Speaking of villains, the film is also looking for its Leonard Snart, a.k.a. Captain Cold, Flash’s OTHER arch-enemy.  Wentworth Miller plays the TV version and is a regular on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’.  In current comics and on ‘Legends’, Snart has been depicted as more of an anti-hero.  In the comics, he actually joined the Justice League!

Jay-GarrickThe final character that is reported to be casting is just a cameo role, but it may be a significant one: Jay Garrick.  In the comics, Jay Garrick is the Golden Age Flash, who first debuted in ‘Flash Comics’ #1 in 1940 and served as a member of the Justice Society of America.  On the TV show, Jay Garrick is The Flash of Earth-2 and is played by Teddy Sears.  In a twist, he turned out to be the Big Bad of the season, Zoom.

Pre-New 52, Garrick served as a mentor/father figure to Barry, whereas the TV version is closer in age to him.  We’ll have to wait and see what their relationship is like in the film.

Of course, don’t expect the movie to follow the narrative of the show very closely.  The TV series has multiple episodes in which to unfold ongoing storylines while the movie will be (probably) about two hours long, so things have to be more succinct.

Any casting suggestions?

Ezra Miller will next appear as The Flash in Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League – Part One’ which arrives on November 17, 2017.

Grahame-Smith’s ‘The Flash’ zooms into theaters on March 16, 2018.

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  • anonyma phila

    I wish they wouldn’t make this movie. Or at least let Iris out of it like they sort of did in the previous tv version where she ran off and was an artist instead in France. I know people named Iris trying to be actual scientists and mathematicians or celibate clergy and it’s kind of a pain that their name is used like this in entertainment because it isn’t innocent…it does make a difference…it hurts people. It makes everyday business of dealing with men and life harder. It embarrasses them. I mean would the filmmakers like it if someone took their name and used it as a character that actually does affect the mob of people in culture to prevent them from having the job and role they wanted in what they want to do in life? They all so carefully control their resume choices to guide their careers and social lives down the path they like they should know better than to do something that invades another person’s life in a way they wouldn’t like either. They’re being jerks if they make this movie at all because they know perfectly well women like Iris wouldn’t like it and it’s really about their own lust in a nonsexual sense. Movies like this can’t ever do anything but elevate men like Barry’s character and the men in this world that see themselves as saviors and servants that are elevated for being servants and no matter how hard they try to make the female characters placated they will always fail because women like Iris don’t want to be in a movie about Barry at all. This comic is a construct of a man of roman catholic background putting forth a worthy story but not a helpful story to any female character because those are not his concern and for the most part he doesn’t ever want women to be priests or have exactly what he deems something he wants for himself which women want. And if they want that they are called envious by the same man writing these stories…yet he is trying to so hard to achieve it for himself…don’t you see? And to make up this fantasy story and try to create a world in which it is is a lot like a man announcing on the radio an engagement to a woman who didn’t want to marry him. It is a kind of rape to take someone’s life from them and author your own story for that character, forcing their hand, to please yourself no matter what the good cause is or what message youre trying to spread that is good. It doesn’t matter how they choose the man to play Barry or what Barry does…Iris just doesn’t want to be in his movie. So please let her relationship with God be enough and leave her out of it and out of Barry’s life and let this movie not be made or just have Barry alone in it because let’s be serious…the movie would be just as good even to women if we all didn’t have to sit through some failed attempt to make women feel better about watching it by a lame attempt to write this better than the 1940s comic book story that only looks modern because of all the bright colors and tech but is actually trying to force feed a structure of relationship that women don’t want. Apostles have never been helpful to women…Jesus Christ is helpful to women, but not his superhero servants that do miracles…they mostly made women feel bad. So stop making these movies please because you can’t fix something that was written in 1940 to make it seem like you understand today. The only thing that reflects understanding is to chuck it altogether.

  • anonyma phila

    If anyone knows the business people and creators of this film I hope they tell them not to make this movie…especially if they are going to cast the character of Iris. I know people name iris and they would really hate being a supporting character in a movie like this and no matter what spiritual leaders are thinking is an improvement and a softer way to make the medicine go down the only thing that would work is to chuck the movie because that is the only thing that really speaks to any real intention to listen.

  • JSintheStates

    Well, I thank you for the review, but the synopsis of the movie means DC has done it again and destroyed a movie before it even begins filming. Barry Allen/Flash AND the reverse-Flash, and two more super-villians, AND an alternate universe Jay Garrick/Flash to help Barry clean up the mess? (I just lost the story thread, was there a story?) Was the director/writer going to bother to actually introduce our characters? (Hell, no! Everyone knows the characters! What’s the point of developing them?) So, the movie has already failed, no story, too many characters, ultimate battle, and no where left to go!

    This process (of story-telling or movie making) was always about characters, and their interaction. Characters with attributes, flawed and vulnerable, fighting for survival or righteousness or whatever. Their stories chronicled their lives, and development, their accomplishments and their failures.

    Naw! This is about a shoot-em-up multi-Billion Dollar franchises! Oh, Okay, I’ll pass, thank you very much!

  • anonyma phila

    maisie williams should play iris west and look like arya in a way… not dolled up to be fashion conscious. she should also have a similar personality to arya and color palette of clothes and hair style and coloring. and she should be sort of a gonzo/celibate future priest character/irish singer. that would be a nice symmetry.