From ads for dating websites popping in your newsfeed to Uber promotions in your inbox, we’re all aware that the Internet knows way more about you than you think.

This is also true for streaming services. Netflix took a look at the viewing habits of their subscribers and were actually able to pinpoint which episode made viewers think, “Oh, I gotta keep watching this show.”

From ‘Breaking Bad’ to ‘Arrow,’ Netflix determined when viewers got hooked. Surprisingly, many of them weren’t the pilot. Episode two of ‘Breaking Bad’ (when Jesse attempts to dissolve a body in his bathtub with disastrous results) had people addicted to the show. It wasn’t until episode 8 of ‘Arrow’ (when the Huntress ignores Oliver’s advice and kills the leader of the Triad) that got people on-board.

Of course, the data varies depending on the country. For example, viewers in Germany were totally hooked on ‘Arrow’ right at the beginning.

An inforgraphic was created for some of the popular TV shows on Netflix. If you notice, most people weren’t hooked on ‘Daredevil’ until episode five.


When did you get hooked on these TV shows? Does it fall in line with the infographic?

Source: CinemaBlend