Green Arrow Green Lantern

Ever since ‘Arrow’ Season 3 ended there has been much speculation about what the show’s producers would have in store for Season 4, especially if they are trying to make up for what some consider a sub-par season and a very dark series of storylines. And with the rumors that David Ramsey had spoken to producers about the Green Lantern, and fans guessing that John Diggle himself might actually be John “Stewart’ Diggle, the Green Lantern rumors have been rampart this summer. Of course, with the WB announcing the film ‘Green Lantern Corps‘ for 2020 and their proclivity to stop their TV devision from using characters that are about to appear on the big screen (minus what happened with ‘The Flash’ of course), it seems highly unlikely that Diggle will become a Green Lantern now, or that a Green Lantern will have a major role in ‘Arrow’ Season 4. And yet…

Both ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ have hinted around about Green Lanterns for years. From Ferris Air, to Barry racing to Coast City to get pizza, to the mention of a Ferris Air pilot vanishing, it seems clear the creatives behind both shows want a Green Lantern connection. And with the release of the Coast City production art for ‘Arrow’ Season 4 by Marc Guggenheim, they still seem to be moving in that direction. Whether at this point it just means a brief cameo by one of the Lanterns from the comics (Hal Jordan, John Stewart, or Kyle Rayner) is anyone’s guess, but it would be great to see a Lantern make an appearance, and maybe even influence why Oliver Queen would change his moniker from “Arrow” to “Green Arrow” this season.

What are your thoughts on seeing a Green Lantern in the CW DC Universe this season? Does that open the world up too much, since the Lanterns are a space-corp? Or will it fit in just fine now that we have seen meta-humans and time travel over on ‘The Flash?’ Share your opinions in the comments below!