Comic conventions are a place of wonder and amazement! A place where dreams of meeting your favorite childhood hero celebrity or finding that one rare collectible you’ve hunted half of your life for can become a reality! They’re a magical place where you can be ANYONE you want to be, even if that means just being yourself! But on the off chance you don’t feel like being yourself, there’s plenty of room for amazing cosplay!

The team here at ScienceFiction.com was on site at Wizard World Philadelphia 2014 to witness some of these amazing cosplay costumes firsthand! You’ve already seen a few of them in the Part One of our Cosplay Gallery from the convention, but just in case that wasn’t enough we’re bringing you Part Two! (Make sure to click the picture for an enlarged version!)

10518656_10154318458745252_3056066613137766501_nNebula and Gamora!

10516622_10154318457440252_6054593318365264458_nYuna from Final Fantasy

10513290_10154318454195252_6846033073327768399_nUrsula and The Red Skull

10511320_10154318454460252_2283431489755697534_nThe Ice King and Princess Bubblegum!

10502152_10154318458325252_2380383912364736528_nMagneto winning the father of the year award with Scarlet Witch and Polaris!

10501662_10154318459240252_7845600600861068015_nRoy Harper and Connor Hawke! Also known as Arsenal and Green Arrow II

10492556_10154318458120252_2183962177896037628_nThe Scarecrow and Catwoman

10489749_10154318463380252_7990028412711083038_nKick-Ass and Bayonetta!

10488376_10154318456390252_645441056777159823_nDeathstroke has his hands full with Green Arrow and The Red Hood!

10488007_10154318463900252_4779593306837000893_nDeadpool and Lady Loki

10473184_10154318462850252_5623254210506560605_nThe Green Goblin!

10471191_10154318457245252_889676933820423757_nRobin, the… Girl Wonder? Sure! Young Justice styled!


10468088_10154318460930252_3339777110948552485_nBlack Canary and Storm

10468088_10154318455395252_1722479675437574251_nRorschach, Soranik Natu, and Guy Gardner!

10462526_10154318463125252_5424815893104856330_nAda Wong from Resident Evil

10460104_10154318460615252_7623901647347079199_nStreet Fighter’s Vega and Ken

10451161_10154318453815252_4184398303672887907_nDoctor Octopus

10449973_10154318455790252_2891097200261116138_nMarty McFly and Bucky Barnes


10447153_10154318460370252_7588804551974965265_nThe Teen Titans! Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg and Robin!

10447124_10154318457015252_7056164729261246487_nBatman V. Superman: Friendship Of Justicy Justice




10407513_10154318460125252_4786843415900260047_nMr. Freeze! At least we can be thankful he wasn’t making any ice puns! They could have gotten a cold reception!

10403009_10154318461985252_1430353454382720250_nRescue Captain America and X-23

10401968_10154318457850252_2281508202214495512_nThe Black Widow and Rogue

10394626_10154318456875252_2757339239275161951_nDoctor Strange

10386749_10154318455080252_535468517457064513_nThis kid’s ACTUAL NAME is Nathan Drake! So clearly he’s cosplaying as his namesake, with his parents as Sully and Chloe respectively! It’s fair to say these parents are doing it right!

10363406_10154318459945252_8484078023258557413_nPoison Ivy and OH NO IT’S A DINOSAUR! Thankfully he doesn’t look like a herbivore!

10363406_10154318458545252_919697722416935213_nA Twilek Jedi and Cobra Commander

10351592_10154318459725252_6925740231229715914_nMs. Marvel and The Scarlet Witch!

10342425_10154318459475252_728359520853199617_nPoison Ivy and a member of Team Rocket!

10314468_10154318461675252_4953737354838990439_nCyclops and Captain America

10270722_10154318456675252_822717826036455162_n“CARL! WHY AREN’T YOU IN THE HOUSE?!” Rick and Carl Grimes from The Walking Dead!

10268471_10154318463610252_7966311998854221019_nThe Prowler and Madame De Pompadour

1979575_10154318458945252_3785625801416077631_nHawkeye and Mockingbird

1043858_10154318462345252_4623935100704276336_nMaster Chief!

1551640_10154318453475252_8960878846835505528_nGroup shot! Thor, Cable, Winter Soldier, The Falcon and… Miss America? This is one rag-tag team of heroes!

That wraps up Part Two of ScienceFiction.com’s comprehensive cosplay coverage from Wizard World Philadelphia 2014! If you missed Part One you can check it out here!  Be sure to stay tuned for Part 3!