I’m surprised Iron Thrones don’t exist in everyone’s living room by now. However, ‘Game of Thrones‘ fans, you are in luck because the people over at Instructubles put together a handy-dandy DIY guide on how to make your own Iron Throne.

Step 1: Get a regular old chair


Don’t worry. This chair will be come Iron Throne-y before you know it! The team at Instructibles found a plastic Adirondack chair that you can find at hardware stores.

Step 2: Create a platform for your chair.


The team used 2×4 lumber and 1/2” plywood at the top. 2X4s and 2X2s were added as legs for the platform.

Step 3: Frame Your Chair with Yardsticks


Yardsticks- who would’ve thunk! Screw in the yardsticks around the chair.

Step 4: Layer the First Round of Swords


The team used pink foam insulation (hopefully not with asbestos) to create the swords.

Step 5: Add More Swords

step5more swords

The team used craft foam for the swords on the actual seat of chair, so when you’re pretending you’re Joffrey you can be more comfortable.

Step 6: Add Even More Swords

step6more swords

There can never be enough swords!

Step 7: Paint It


Be sure to wait until the paint dries before you have a seat!

See? It’s simple! Actually, it took the team at Instructibles over 3 weeks to make, but they imagine you could do it in about a week and a half.

If you decide to take this project on, we’d love to see your finished results, so post them in the comments section below!

Source: Instructibles