‘The Mortal Instruments: City Of Ashes’ Will Resume Shooting In 2014!

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the-mortal-instruments-city-of-ashesAs someone who (quite surprisingly) really enjoyed ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones‘, I was a little bummed to hear that the sequel was delayed due to poor box office sales. Thankfully that’s all been taken care of now as the next installment, ‘The Mortal Instruments: City Of Ashes’, will be shooting in 2014! I’m pretty sure that the low box office sales were a surprise to everyone involved due to the huge fan base of the novels as well as the studio having already announced that a prequel was already in development though there has been no word if that was shelved when the sequel was delayed.

At the very least, fans of Cassandra Clare’s series can rejoice that ‘City of Ashes’ is a go and will be resuming production next year!

With it’s $60 million budget and another $60 million put in promoting the film, it’s no surprise that word on the sequel was iffy when the first movie only made $31 million domestically. When adding in worldwide revenue, the box office take was only at about $100 million. Depending how much actually went into marketing it’s a solid possibility that the film is still in a state of loss prior to DVD and VOD sales. Thankfully Canstantin Film’s are pushing forward with the sequel anyway due to the positive reception from those who have seen it. The company’s head of film and TV, Martin Moszkowicz, has this to say on the movie:

“The fan response, from the blogosphere and the thousands of mails we have received, has encouraged us to keep going. It’s been overwhelmingly positive, in contrast to some other YA titles. We are analyzing what we did wrong with the first film — particularly with the positioning and marketing — and what changes we have to make. We are working with a great group of people to reposition the franchise [for City of Ashes].”

So that’s a plus. One of the key things, though, is that while this franchise is a YA market, the fans of the series also have an older fan base unlike most YA faire. Therefore, there might be more of a focus to market to the 20 to 30 year old fans (which would probably have made me want to go see the film and not accidentally, but happily, get taken to it.) Honestly,  the initial marketing hadn’t done anything for me as I felt they were trying to make it into another ‘Twilight’. Hopefully they’ve learned from their mistake!

So hopefully this means the marketing and style will be a little bit less high school feeling and more marketed towards the YA/adult crowd.

Were you a fan of the film? Happy to hear they are making a sequel and might be playing with the style a little? Let us know below!

‘Mortal Instruments: City Of Ashes’ Synopsis

Clary Fray just wishes that her life would go back to normal. But what’s normal when you’re a demon-slaying Shadowhunter, your mother is in a magically induced coma, and you can suddenly see Downworlders like werewolves, vampires, and faeries? If Clary left the world of the Shadowhunters behind, it would mean more time with her best friend, Simon, who’s becoming more than a friend. But the Shadowhunting world isn’t ready to let her go—especially her handsome, infuriating, newfound brother, Jace. And Clary’s only chance to help her mother is to track down rogue Shadowhunter Valentine, who is probably insane, certainly evil—and also her father.

To complicate matters, someone in New York City is murdering Downworlder children. Is Valentine behind the killings—and if he is, what is he trying to do? When the second of the Mortal Instruments, the Soul-Sword, is stolen, the terrifying Inquisitor arrives to investigate and zooms right in on Jace. How can Clary stop Valentine if Jace is willing to betray everything he believes in to help their father?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

  • Erin

    Some points to be made…the movie cost 120 million through marketing + production and studios only get 50-55% of domestic receipts and only 40% of foreign revenue. And the 100 million box office world wide is supported by neither The-Numbers nor BoxOfficeMojo, it’s only something Martin Moscowicz, resident studio PR spin artist, has claimed. Even if it had made 100 million worldwide and even if you ignore the fact that studios don’t keep all the receipts, that’s still 20 million missing off the 120 million budget.

    Also how will home video sales save this bomb? IAM#4 made $9 million off home video sales and Beautiful Creatures $5 million. Since TMI has a box office intake in between the two, it will make only $6-8 million dollars off DVD sales, still far from recouping the budget. And this movie had no future in ancillary rights or merchandising or syndication rights…it’s not going to pull in magically 50 million from those…it will be lucky to pull in 10-20 million from all three.

  • Tori

    I am beyond happy that they are going through with the sequel! When I heard that they were delaying it, I was heartbroken! I loved that movie, I thought it was AMAZING and I loved the way the transferred the book onto the screen. I absolutely adore Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins is such an amazing actress. I can’t wait to see the sequel! :)

  • Jordan

    I actually don’t want this movie to happen. Although I would like to see it come to life, a larger part of me cringes at the thought of it. I liked CoB for the most part but then there were a few things that were altered or included that were REALLY unnecessary. I understand some change, but some of it was not needed.
    Also, with the amount of times this movie has had scripting problems, it worries me. A couple of years ago when CoB was being scripted, Magnus was not written, which is the reason it took so long for this movie to happen because it sat in limbo. And Cassandra Clare (author) has said the script for CoA is VERY far from the book.
    I really don’t know about this decision…..

  • rawkprincess

    My biggest issue is Lily Collins acting, and how terrible their runes look. They literally look like they’re drawn on with black crayola markers.

  • rawkprincess

    Also wasn’t a big fan of how different the movie ending was from the book.

  • Anniemc

    Loved CoB but hope that the film makers stick to the actual storyline in the City of Ashes book. I know some things are needed for cinematography but the reasons fans love the books is the story, so don’t mess with it!

  • nicole

    yay i cant wait i wanet 2 happen now why can they start shooting it on november pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Hailey Walsh

    YES i’m happy that there is going 2 be a second movie

  • Bella

    Yes my daughter and I are very happy that they are making a second movie, can’t wait for it’s release. We saw the first one four times. lol.

  • Sabrina

    I’m definitely excited that they’ll be picking up the second movie adaption. One thing I thought about the movie is that while I personally loved all the actors and their portrayal of the characters that are so near and dear to me, I thought that they weren’t introduced properly enough for those who haven’t read the books before. I don’t mind how the plot was changed around here and there all too much, and am intrigued to see how the director is going to adjust the second movie. All in all, I loved seeing the book come to life on the big screen. :)

  • T Londre

    I’m a great-grandmother and my friend and I loved MI so much I bought the five books already written. Loved them. Keep going. TML

    • JohnHousecat

      LOL then I guess you didn’t realize that Cassadra Claire named this series “The Mortal Instruments” off of her Harry Potter Ron Weasley/Ginny Weasley incest fan fiction short story she wrote, right? Right. And I spelled “Claire” that way because that’s how she was known in the Harry Potter fandom before she got famous.

  • lilly rayne

    I’m a mortal instruments fan and impatiently awaiting the next book to
    the series but I really hope the film makers stick to the story line
    alot better on city of ashes. Alot was left out of city of bones and
    unless you have read the book you would never know. since the popularity
    of the series is from people that have read the books they as well as i
    hope for close to the same story line in the movie as in the books. but
    all in all the movie was good and i can’t wait to see city of ashes!!!

  • Hannah Es

    I read the series as soon as each book came out years ago! I have watched city of bones, enjoyed it and can not wait till city of ashes the movie comes out! :D I am so glad they have decided to continue with the sequel otherwise I would be heartbroken! Also, I am looking forward to Vampire academy the movie coming out too! Exciting movies to look out for :D

  • Adrienne

    I really loved the books and I also really enjoyed the movie. I can appreciate that some things in the plot have to be changed to be more cinematically appealing, but I do think for the next movie they should take less liberties and stick to the book. I’m not sure why the film did so poorly; the movie trailer is what made me want to read the books in the first place! My boyfriend even liked it!

  • arrieanna

    The movie trailer made me want to read the books and I got my friend into this series too. I’m in high school and I love the mortal instruments!

    • Herondale

      The movie trailer made me want to read the books too and that’s the only thing i appreciate the movie for. If it wasn’t for it, I probably would have never heard of the books. The irony is that after i was done reading all the books published so far, i saw the movie and i just couldn’t hate it more. Terrible, truly terrible. Real fans of the books would know what i mean.
      I wish they’d stop making a joke of the books using their names to make money off their crappy movies.

      • Ryley

        Same here, I saw the movie and immediately after that I bought all the books. If it weren’t for the movie, which was amazing I must say, I would have never read all the other books, which are also AMAZING, I read all 5 in a month, mostly because I had to pace myself too. I LOVE them though!

  • cc

    I am thrilled that they are making city of ashes! I will definately go see it. I am curious to see how they will go with the second movie. I saw the movie first then I bought all the books so that should say something for the movie. Jamie campbel bower and lilly collin did Jace and Clary justice ! Lets see what they can do with the second ! I cant wait for the next movie and the next book. Id like to say Bravo to all involved with books and movie well done.

  • Virginia

    I saw the City of Bones three times and I loved the movie more and more each time! I was so upset when I found out the possibility of a sequel was shelved but this is a beacon of hope! I’m so psyched!

  • Errin

    City of ashes needs to hurry up and film! My friend Leah read all the books and took me to go see city of bones and I loved it so much and can not wait until the next one is out! Read all the books just need to see the films! It will be the next Harry potter- you could watch them over and over again and still love it! Good luck filming, you have plenty of fans including me!!

    • Read not Watch


  • JR

    Great Cast! However, the flow of the story needs improvements. I’m excited to hear they’re resuming. Sooner the better!

  • Bee Veranga

    I like the first movie up to the point they revealed a major plot twist that was not revealed until book 3 (City of Glass). I’m still going to watch City of Ashes, because Jacily are too adorable, but seriously, they have to make this one BETTER. *spoiler* (Especially the scene with the faeries!)

  • The movie sucked

    As a fan of the books I must say I was really disappointed with the movie and I am disappointed now that after making such a joke with the first book , they are continuing with the second. I really wish they wouldn’t.

  • aa

    Seen the movie, then read all 5 book’s of cause the movies are not going to be exactly like the books. Its the same as the twilights series but this one has more action and humor in it. Can’t wait for city of ashes . Hopefully will be released before book 6 comes out.

  • Mal

    Loved loved loved the books & love the movie I hope they are able to do all the movies & it’s not like twilight to me at all twilight made me love vampires this movie made me want to kill them : )

  • Alexis

    I watched City of Bones and fell so madly in love with it that the same day I went to the bookstore and bought the entire series. I’m reading them now and I am so excited that City of Ashes is a go!! Can’t wait!!

  • Camille

    I was literally jumping on my bed like a little kid when I heard that they’re making the film for “City of Ashes” great movie and great book series. I don’t see any reason why they should stop making the movie! I’m in all support! GO GO GO! CITY OF ASHES :D

  • JaceClary

    I sooooo love the movie! So glad to hear about the sequel. My cousins are so into it, we still watched it even ifit was already the last film showing (10:30 in the evening) and we still had classes, at around 7am!! Yay!!!

  • Tara

    I loved the first movie and can not wait for the second I hope box office sales are better next time because I would love to see the whole series. I was pretty surprised at how close to the book the movie stayed most movies take their own paths this was really good! I hope the prequel is also goes into film.

  • Ryley

    I loovvveeddd the movie, and I cannot wait to buy it November 3rd! I’m so glad they’re making City of Ashes into a movie!

  • Laura Lukasavage

    i am the biggest fan of these books and i hope to see them all made into movies. i went and saw this movie three times in the theater when it was out :) and i can’t wait to buy the movie. I’m graduating college in May of 2014 and i’ll have a degree in radio, tv and film productions with a minor in creative writing and i remember telling my whole family, two years before we heard the book was being turned into a movie, that when i finaly made it big and became a director that these would be the first movies i would make. the world created in these books are what got me into reading and i’ve looked forward to every release since. i was upset when they postponed this next movie but happy to know it is back on and i am waiting to see it and the others after. i just hope they keep the same actors because that is one thing that always messes up a series (ex. the mummy the third movie the wife was changed and even though it was an ok movie it was destroyed in my eyes because they changed the main person in the film.) the only other problem i have with the first film was that a lot of it moved away from the book. big part was when Clary got to keep the cup when thats a main thing in the second book so now that has me worried on what they plan to do in the sequel. i just hope and pray that they keep more to the story in the next movies and the ones to follow. i feel like if they do these two things the fans will be more then happy and continue to see the movies as they come out into production :). Can’t wait.

  • Emma

    Yes!! So happy :)

  • jayhawk

    Loved the books, loved the film, please please keep going!

  • sophie

    I am such such such a big fan of the movie! I loved it! Please don’t stop making more!! I’m very excited for the next one!

  • jess

    Fan of the book and the movie keep it goin guys :)

  • Jessica

    I have followed the books and loved them and I saw the movie and loved it. It was hard to convince my boyfriend to go because he expected it to be another twilight but he ended up enjoying it also! I say keep on going. I know ill keep seeing the movies in theaters and buying them when they come out along with the new books when they come out.

  • Lynn

    Loved the books! The movie was a good attempt, but ultimately it fell short. They tried to pack to much into a short period of time, and the screenplay needed some serious help. Ultimately a book to a movie is an adaption, things have to be cut out or changed so you can focus on the necessities, such as character development and a smooth plot. I really want a second movie, I think pushing it back and reconsidering the screenplay was smart, and now that you have said they are considering targeting it towards a more mature audience has me thrilled. Fingers are crossed they can clean up the movies, I really want them to succeed.

  • bearlyn

    I’m a big fan of the books and the movie. I can’t wait to see the next one and hope they will continue to make every book into a movie.

  • Lynn

    Loved the books and movie, keep them coming.

  • Carla Gudiel

    I’m really glad they’re going ahead with “City of Ashes”. I’m a big fan of the books and I can’t wait to see it. Even though I enjoyed “City of Bones” I’m happy that they’ve decided to change the tone a bit to make it more appealing to an older audience.

  • Nara

    Very happy city of ashes is back on track!! I loved city of bones although the screenplay was having some issues now en then it didn’t bother me that much. Its even better they consider making the movie for a more mature audience.. Definitely looking forward to it!!!

  • Amily

    I’m so excited!!! I didn’t even read the series until I watched the film. I’m so thrilled to see this part!!

  • Albishka

    Great news! I loved city of bones and no matter what they say, i think it need to be continued.

  • Savannah

    I’m so exited for city of ashes! I LOVED the first movie and all the books but it should’ve been longer. I say the series should continue all the way!

  • Karley

    I’m so excited to see the next movie!! But there better be more advertising! I have read every single book and am a huge fan, yet I didn’t even know there was a movie until after it was in theaters! In my opinion, that is why there was low box office sales! But bring on city of ashes!!!!

  • Satrina Heleine

    I love all the books and I’m so happy they are making the sequel I love the first one I went to see it 3 times in the theater… Can’t wait for the sequel

  • Julie

    The City of Bones was AMAZEBALLZ!!!!! The books are awesome too.
    Cant wait for the next movie. GOOD LUCK AND KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!

  • Lisa

    Looking forward to city of ashes :)

  • justagirl

    Can’t wait for the sequel!!!

  • flamingo007

    I love the book series. I saw the movie and I liked it, but it felt too rushed. I also didn’t appreciate the changes they made especially those concerning Clary’s father. But I’m happy they are making a movie from the second book and I’m planning to see it at the theaters.

  • Movie fan

    Great news of sequel. The error of the first film was to waste the incredible talent of Jonathan Rhys Meyer and characterise him as a sober, slightly sinister johnny depp from pirates of the Caribbean. In the books, valentine was elegant, and immaculately dressed, and charismatic and had a cult of followers who believed in his racist stance against the clave. This was the biggest mistake of the film. It removed the credibility of the enormous threat he posed to the world peace and the Accords and made him into a two-dimensional villain. How can they come back from this?

    • vgj

      You are so right. This hits the nail on the head. I enjoyed the movie but this was a serious flaw to me. I hope it’s remedied in the sequel but like you, I don’t know how it can……

    • Marie

      Yes I def agree with this. I think the screenwriter and director could have been better. Although this isn’t Twilight I think only the first Twilight movie could get away with a seemingly low budget. Something felt a bit off in this movie, and I attribute it to the screenwriting and direction.

  • BeckyBoo

    I’m so excited they are making the sequel. I would have be super bummed if they didn’t. I loved the books and can’t wait to see more.

  • Abby

    I really want Jace and Clary to get together not Clary and Simon!!!

  • Maria Ozvatic

    I’m a fan of the books. Movie wasn’t stellar but it was pretty good. I know the background, so that helps. I’m really excited a sequel is coming.

  • cait


  • JohnHousecat

    Bad and inaccurate.

  • Gas girl

    Must do a seque!!!!!!!
    I read all the books, bought the movie and will see the sequel in the theaters. I’m 30 and in the midst of grad school and had a crazy month where I couldn’t make it to the theater. But I waited months to buy movie online since I missed the opportunity to see in the theater. I think a little more adult will do better. And a better trailer and advertising.

  • wee-leprechaun

    I’m not in my teens but read the books when a fair few of my friends and family enthusiastically recommended them. I went and saw the movie 3 times and would have gone a few more if the movie had been at my local theater longer. My friends and I are eagerly awaiting the second movie’s release.

  • Blake

    I’ve never heard of these books before or these movies and just happened to fall upon it in a commercial. I absolutely LOVE and already am sad that the second one is not out yet but I’m absolutely thrilled that you guys are making more. If I had any suggestion to make it more popular,….advertise better! again, I’m an older teenager and I have NEVER heard of this before but I will be sure to tell all my friends because they’d obsess over it like i’m doing now

  • Cassie Radziejewski

    I have read all the books and love them, the movie was good I liked the actors a lot but movie could have been better but I’m very exited for the second movie and will deff go see it in theaters,can’t wait to see what they do to improve the second movie :)

  • Chantikins, OR

    I have to say I am certainly guilty of miss judging this

    movie. I didn’t see it in theaters and I wish I had! IT was great I can’t wait
    to see the next! I’m sure it is going to be amazing!

  • Serenity

    I loved this movie can’t wait for the next one!!! I love the male lead Jace so don’t change him even the girl lead Clary. I’m 14 and I know if the next one has them fall in love it will get more high school kids to love it as much as I do!!!!!!

  • Madison

    I loved the movie and the books, I am so glad they are making another one.

  • Madison

    I love the actors, it would be a shame if they changed any of the actors

  • Claire

    I loved this movie soooo happy they are making another can not wait to see it hopefully with all the original actors

  • Pearle

    Im just wondering are we going to have to wait until 2015 for the actual movie to come out and also wondering if clary and jace are going to find out their not really brother and sister in this upcoming film? I loved this movie though I honestly didnt get why they had low sales…

  • Teri Heusdens

    I am 35 and really enjoyed these books! Cassandra really brings her characters to life imaginatively. I found myself laughing, crying at times, and rushing through the intense fighting to see if everyone made it out ok. I even enjoyed them more then Twilight as the Heaven vs Hell appeals to me more even with the other supernatural creatures involved. I have to say the movie is better then I thought it would be but totally agree Valentine’s character was the damper of the movie over the teen romance of some complaints on YouTube. Not at all the fault of the actor, I feel, as the way the character was written. The end of the movie should have stuck closer to the book on this character especially in order to carry out the full gist of the story lines to come. How in the world do you completely change that Valentine almost convinces Jace to go back to his homeland and then escapes WITH the Cup and be able to lead into the next movie seamlessly? The other part I did not get is the involvement of the vampires in the quest for the Cup and the lack of character development with the introduction of the lead Vampire. I know they have to adapt for time constrains and budgeting but with so many key characters that bring the books to life I really hope they can continue with a more accurate portrayal screenplay wise because we would obviously love to see it. Bottom line NO FUNDAMENTAL CHANGES even though minor changes may be necessary. As a side note I am also super excited for the Infernal Devices!!!!!

  • Lexie Francis

    I just saw Catching Fire. Got to admit it was awesome. I Think if they stayed true to the books maybe more people would watch the sequel. I hope it gets made. To many stupid movies are falling through the cracks. I cant wait for City Of Ashes. Maybe they could take more than one plot point from each book. I miss movies when they had all adventure in it, I loved seeing the City Of Bones. The city part was beautiful.

  • Kelsey

    Loved the book Watching the movie tonight but would love so much if they came out with all 5 books in movies it would be so awesome!

  • Marie

    I didn’t get a chance to see the movie in theaters…but just saw it on demand and I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!! Just told my husband the DVD and soundtrack to Mortal Instruments is at the too of my Xmas wish list. :) I will see see the sequel in the theater, probably a few times just like the Twilight series.

  • Marie

    Funny…I just said screenwriting and directing missed the mark. And then just read it was a first for the screenwriter and director. The people putting his project together should have known better than to use a first time screenwriter and director in this project. They played it way too safe. No flying motorcycles etc. there isn’t much this world has t seen. So I really hope they invest in a better director and screenwriter.

  • Tamaran Bender

    I loved the movie. Haven’t read the books yet, but do own the whole collection. I really am excited that they are making the next book in the series using the same actors for the main parts. Of course I knew when seeing this one in the theaters that I would own it,

  • Kris

    Loved the movie – own the movie now – own all the books – love Cassandra – can’t wait for the second movie – dying to know a release date!

  • Nikki

    Loved all the books and loved the movie even though I didn’t expect to based on the casting. I think that was the problem with the sales. The actors and actress they picked didn’t exactly match their descriptions in the books. I heard more than a few people say they weren’t going to watch it based on what they considered ‘poor casting’. I have to say though, they did a remarkable job! I’ve really enjoyed the movie and can’t wait for City of Ashes!

  • marcy

    Yay I loved the books and the movie. what it lacked in book was made up for in animation! so excited.

  • Erica

    So excited to hear that there will be a another movie!! I loved the books and I am 30. I read them a few years ago, and am so happy the novels were turned into movies. Don’t give up please!! Can’t wait for the next one!!

  • Felicia

    I loved the movie!! I had no idea it was a book series. Now I know what I will be doing for the next few weeks. I’m glad your not giving up!! I look forward to reading and seeing more.

  • Cat

    I agree whole heartedly with the marketing take away. I just rented the movie since it looked fun and was really surprised at the depth of the plot and entertaining acting. I’ll check out the second, in the theater this time.

  • Nat

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! The books and the movie, usually books are better, which this one was, but the movie surely did not disappoint. Yay for the next one!!

  • sara

    i love the film and cant wait until the next comes out! I was so annoyed that jace was clarys brother, they would have been great if they were together!….

  • chelsea

    i never knew it was in theater so when the next one comes out i’ll make sure to go see it. i love this series an the movie is one of my favourites!!

  • Christine

    I liked the movie. I hope they continue making them

  • Teresa

    I agree that these movies can hold to the YA crowd as I am one of them. Thoroughly enjoyed the books and was excited about the movie. Honestly felt the movie was fine. Excited and hopeful for the next movie!!

  • Teachaide

    The original trailers were interesting enough for me to then read the entire series (“The Mortal Instruments” and “The Infernal Devices”). I wasn’t crazy about some of the changes they made to The City of Bones, but I still enjoyed it and purchased the DVD. I thought the first Twilight movie was pretty cheesy but they improved with each installment. I hope The City of Ashes brings success. I’m looking forward to its release.

  • Jessica Andress

    I really liked the movie…and now I am reading the books…but I only saw one trailer for the movie if I had know more about it being in theaters I would have gone to see it but I sure bought it on DVD and I have watched it a few times and told friends to go buy it….I really hope they make a number two….

  • becky

    I’m glad there is another movie I’m 57 and I love the movie am reading book 5 now

  • Nichole

    I loved the movie, I was worried it would be a disappointment but it totally wasn’t!! Glad I watched it :)

  • Nori

    The movie was a little different from the book but I still loved the movie and can’t wait to see the rest of the series every book got better so the movies will too

    • Kiara

      a little different? i’m not hating on it. but it was really far from the books

  • Elise

    I’m 32 years old and my niece is 12 we both read all the books except the 6th one only because we don’t have yet. I read each book twice and couldn’t wait for the movie they left a couple things out but I understand they can only fit so much in but I still very much loved it my niece as well. The second book was my favorite so I’m really looking forward to it

  • oldie

    I’m 59. I had never heard of the books and the critics reviews almost put me off the movie. However I went along not very hopeful and really, really enjoyed it. Since then I have read all the books twice. The DVD comes out in 10 days can’t wait. I thought the movie worked well. Not sure what I’d change – hope they keep Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Jamie Campbell Bower. Aidan Turner’s a really good actor playing Luke so hope we see more of him.

  • Elizabeth Renant

    They’d expand their movie audience if they expanded the parts for people like Jocelyn and Luke, two very attractive characters whose roles seemed oddly truncated. I enjoyed the film far more than I thought I would, but I wanted to see more of Luke and Jocelyn and their (obviously unexplained) love relationship. Aidan Turner is a real pinup in the UK – if the movie producers want to expand their audience, they need to expand the roles for the adults.

    • Holly Wills

      If the stay fairly true to the books, they will expand on those characters. As well as the Lightwood family and Magnus Bane.

  • jubie

    I am a big fan of the books and was very excited for the movie! I thought they did really well with this interpretation. I know they have time constraints and couldn’t include everything that was in the book. I am excited they are still going to make the 2nd installment! I was so hoping they would! :)

    • Kiara

      But the movie was sooo different, it felt like i was watching the wrong movie. they really have to read those books better. Still liked the movie but they have to make it better

      • AreYouForReal?

        Totally agree with you Kiara!

  • Pais

    I absolutely LOVED the movie!!! I loved it so much that I watched it twice back to back and I have been OBSESSED with it since I first watched it (last weekend on DVD). I was heartbroken when they said that the two main characters were siblings…but that just proves how well the movie was. I cried T^T at a lot of parts haha xD. I am definitely looking forward to the second movie. OH! And I loved all the actors, SO DO NOT CHANGE THEM!!! Especially the ones that play Jace and Clary. They are a LOVELY couple. Too bad they broke up in real life T^T. But I am anxiously waiting for the next movie to come out…meanwhile i’ll read all the books:)

  • Clary Fray

    please don’t chage lily collins as clary fray :) she’s perfect for the role :D

  • Holly Wills

    I absolutely loved the books, and started re-reading the series after I finished the movie last night! The movie was terriffic, and although I had not heard about the delay for City Of Ashes, I am ecstatic that they are still going to film it. The actors chosen for the roles are perfect and they should not be changed. It would, however, be disappointing if the changes that are going to be made cause them to stray too far from the storyline in the books.

  • Trisha

    I must lead a sheltered life as I had not heard about The Mortal Instruments until I watched the movie. As much as I had thought I would not enjoy the movie, I loved it. I have since read all of the books in The Mortal Instruments, The Clockwork Series, The Bane series and am now moving on to the Codex… I can not wait for the second movie and for her release of the sixth book in May. I also do hope it stays to the storyline in the books..:)

  • Jamie

    I loved the movie and I think it’s better if it stays the way it is how clary is put that’s perfect how it is and everyone else so i think they should keep it but I loved the movie it was so good!!

  • Krystal

    I am super excited that they are going ahead with the second movie!! They must have not promoted it well enough because I wasn’t aware of what it was until I saw it in the Redbox and decided to watch it. I have read the first two books of the series so far since I’ve watched the movie. This is a great story line with lots of good secrets and action. I absolutely love it!!!

  • Thismoviesucked

    This movie was the worst book-based movie I have ever seen. Even with terrible acting the twilight movies at least stayed true to the story. They should scrap these and start over because they messed up the first one so bad there’s no way they can keep with the story through all 6

    • AreYouForReal?

      Im currently watching it and I cannot agree more!! They switched scenes around, simon was supposed to be a frakin rat not hanging from some chains and so on and so forth. The second better be more like the book!

      • Zoey

        Just saying if he turned into a rat people would probably think it’s childish and stupid but I don’t care cause I still loved the movie and books!!!!!

  • Liz

    I, personally, hope they continue shooting the entire series. I am a big fan of the books, and though the movie didn’t stay entirely true to the books, the story is the same. There is always room for improvement, but even the Harry Potter series changed some things up. I LOVE THIS PLEASE KEEP IT GOING!!!!

  • Helen

    You need to stick to the books as much as possible otherwise it wont work. I have read all books now and loved them. i saw the movie first and then got the books to read. I’m not a teenager and the movies can be for old and young alike. Don’t compare to twilight.

  • henning

    city of bones to similar of the twilight saga or other films, therefore the fan was not convinced of the city of bones.

  • Cass125

    I’ m a fan of the books. There are alot of differences between the book and the movie. I would prefer for the movie to stick to the book. There are alot of changes in the scences and plots. Anyhow, i love the movie. Would love it more if the movie stick to the book. I’m looking forward to the next movie.

  • jess

    I thought the movie was descent. I read the books and my husband did not hut we enjoyed thetheovie together. So we are both looking forward to city of ashes.

  • Immy

    Love the movie!!! Can’t wait for the next one!! Totally enjoy the books also!!!!

  • Isabella

    I love the book series. The movie was ok but my family found it way too violent, even for the storyline. Which is true. I found they did more talking than much plot. They also didn’t give me any flying motorbikes. That I am not happy with *grumpy face*

  • sammy

    Loved all the books and I don’t want it be like twilight x but the younger generation were interested xxx

  • Angie

    VERY HAPPY!!! I had NEVER heard of the books and I AM a teacher!!! After seeing the movie I am HOOKED and I am finishing up book 4 on to 5 and waiting for the last installment!!! I DO feel it was marketing of the film that made box office revenue for this film be lower than expected…

  • Kieran

    I hope they continue these movies!!! I read all the books twice and I’m in love with the movie <3

  • Nancy

    I did not want to see the movie. The previews looked dumb. However I was forced to see it, I Loved it so much I saw it 2 more times in theater by choice. I personally really look forward to the next one. Can’t wait!! It is a movie I would happily stand in line for and see opening day this time around!

  • Rebecca

    I wanna see more blood!!! I think anybody would be into Demon Hunting and the Game of Thrones actress (Clary’s mother) brings in enough buzz already!!

    • Ciara

      I agree with you!

  • Clary

    I watched it from RedBox last night with my family. It was sooooooooooooooooo good! I saw the trailer before it was in theaters, but was too busy to see it. :’( Today I’m going to start reading the books.

  • Ciara

    i really liked it i hope after the city of ashes is finished there will be another movie. Because it was brill as well as the books you Clary is going to injoy it so much as i did. All i have to do now is to wait and get the next books -C

  • Molly

    I really enjoyed the film, and right after I saw the movie I was straight into the books! I don’t know why people are complaining. I understand that the marketing was more targeting to the young to late teens, but I think after they release ‘City Of Ashes’ the series will slowly make their way up the charts and become a really popular series that many people will enjoy! Although I have seen on iTunes that ‘City Of Bones’ has been one of the top sellers! So congratulations and good luck to the creators and hope all goes well over the next film!

  • Ciara

    I hope that the move will be more for my age fourteen because i expected the first move to be savage. it is it’s just there could have been alot more stuff in it. the move felt rushed as in all the events that happened were happening in one single day? So I look forward to getting the books and watching the movies

  • Kaylee

    I really liked the movie the mortal instruments and it was the nest movie that I have ever seen so now I am going to probably read the whole series. I like dramatic ramance with action and adventure.

  • Lindsey

    I saw the movie at the rental store and I thought it was dum at first and I did not want to see it but my mom was watching it so I joined her and after I watched it I was so surprised because it was so good. I was so sad when clarity and jade might have been brother and sister because I thought they would be a perfect couple and still think that the bad guy that is suposivly clarity’s dada is not actually telling the truth about them being brother and sister I think he was just doing it to get to there heads

  • ThatOneGirl

    I Loved The City Of Bones And Am Really Looking Forward To The Next One(s). Thogh I Was Really Confused When Valentine Told Them They Were Brother And Sister. The First Time I Saw It I Didn’t Believe It, But When I Saw It A Second Time I Realized That The Guy Who Was Bad Only So Valentine Could Free Him (I Forgot His Name, But The Old One) Gave Valentine The Idea To Tell Them That They Were Bro. And Sis. So I Knew That It Was A Lie, But Then When Clarie Took The Portal And Whent To Where The Wearwolf Guy Was And Asked Him I Got Confused Again Because The Warewolf Guy Didn’t Denie It. But Why? Is A A Good Guy Or Is He Helping Valentine And Trying To Convince Clarie??

    • Allison

      Werewolf guy- Luke-good
      Old guy- Hodge- he just has bad judgement but in the books he ends his life on the good side

  • Allison

    I hope there are more commercials for the next movie because I hadn’t even heard of it until I got dragged to it by my dad. I loved it so much I started reading the books and I got the movie for Christmas. I’m reading the 4th book as we speak

    • Danielle

      The 4th book is really crazy.

  • Danielle

    so many things was wrong with the movie, I read the books back in 2007 and and was hooked. When i heard the movie City of Bones was coming out, Iwent and reread them again. To my disappointment , the movie was bad, Jace was okay play though, he was suppose to be very buff, not skinny. Clary was fine but, she was to sensitive. The romance between Clary and Jace was to fast. Jace was suppose to be cocky, rude, sarcastic. I didnt see any of that. The whole last 45 minutes of the movie wasnt in the book. Simon was suppose to be turned into a rat!!!!! Wheres Raphel? And to those who didnt read the books already know that Clary and Jace arnt brother and sister. You think there brother and sister till the third book? I hope the next movie is done better and I look forward to seeing it in hopeing they do it better. Think about the book nerds! We need are movies to be right!!

    • A Bostonian

      i agree the movie left out so many important parts and the books are way better!

  • Kairy

    The movie wasn’t bad, it was awesome, but the movie and the book are so different from each other. The last part was totally different and Simon like Danielle said, did not turn into a rat. My biggest disappointment was that there was no flying motorcycles

    • Kanes

      I think not tu put the flying motorcycle was right. The movie seemed really realistic IN his fantasy gender, and I really liked that. It’s like the tvshow Supernatural: realistic even when it’s fantasy… we suppose, and make that decision of the motorcylce just was to make the world they made in the movie being cohegrent.
      The fact they didn’t turn Simon into a rat was a disappointment. But may be they wanted to show the beautiful Robert Sheehn on screen a little more xDDD
      Sorry my grammar n.n I’m latinamerican.

  • racheal

    We are fans of books into movies. Like twilight me and my kids loved every one of them. But we can honestly say that we like this one just as much if not more. We’ve only had the movie for 4 days and my kids have watched it at least 8 times. Lol and I’ve watched it a few myself. They always change things up when making them into movies. But I loved this movie and just found out about it 5days ago when my daughter rented it. So I hope they continue.

  • Chloe

    The movie was perf. Absolutely flawless. I am 100% addicted to both the books and the movie, and I don’t want the directors, writers, and producers to change a thing

  • Shanon

    I loved it so much! I read the book then went to buy the movie, Walmart was sold out so I went to target and it was sold out there as well! I finally found it at best buy! I can’t wait to see city of ashes!

  • Clíodhna

    I’m a huge fan of the books but honestly I think the film was a bit of a disappointment. I know its hard to please everyone when you’re adapting such a huge franchise into a movie, but I just felt that there was no emotion to it. The relationship between Jace and Clary was rushed and it just felt fake. It was almost as if I was watching Jamie and Lily together, rather than the characters they were playing. The plot at the end was so mucked up I’m not even going to go into it. (In my opinion) A lot of the characters weren’t portrayed well; Clary didn’t act like she would in the book and even though I love Lily and she’s stunning, I’m not sure she was right for that role, Jamie wouldn’t be my choice for Jace either but he did a brilliant job, Valentine came across purely evil to me and yes he’s a bit crazy, but he loves Jace and Jocelyn and genuinely thinks he’s doing the right thing, Alec, Simon, Isabelle and Magnus were all perfect! Finally, what was with the accents? I’m sure its hard to change your accent but Robert Sheehan (Simon) has a strong Irish accent but yet his accent was fantastic. Jace and Jocelyn both had British accents and Luke had an Irish accent… Like seriously! It was really off putting in the film. Okay, rant over. I just had to get it all out, sorry. I have hope that for the next
    movie they’ll get it right and hopefully there’ll be a bigger audience and fewer negative reviews.

  • kanes

    I liked the movie so much, I read the books and everything but even when they made some changes, I liked the movie. Just one detail: the fact that there was this conversation between Valentine and Hodge in which they made the audience to know telling Jace and Clary they were brothers was a lie. I didnt like that. The writers of the script didn´t take risks, the producers didn’t take risks in that aspect. But the rest of it was just perfect n.n

  • kanes

    the mistakes were the changes, definitely. I liked the result as I said, but I heard younger fans than me say they didn´’t like it because of the changes n.n

  • FanFanFan

    Just watched the city of bones one, going in to this I had no idea it was a book series. So thinking that there should be a second I looked it up and found this! I’m sooo excited that they are making the second one and I pray the third will come out as well! It needs to be me advertised for what it is. It’s a book…it’s a series. So now I’m on to find the books : )

  • MaryW

    I just watched the movie for the second time and I love it. My kids love it too. I started reading the books after I saw the first movie ( I’m now on the fourth). Totally amazing!!! I hope they make the next move. I know the book was different from the movie but I really liked them both.

  • Alex Graff

    Really freaking hooping it will keep going I love the books SOOOOO much I am 14 and I know I am a little young but am very mature for my age. I agree with one of one of the earlier comments about hoping it will not turn out to be another twilight. Like I said loved it

  • Rachel

    I love the Mortal Instruments book series and I think the movie was pretty good in trying to fit in all the crazy stuff that happened in the book into the movie. But what I don’t like is that they put in a conversation between Hodge and Valentine which ruined the whole “Jace and Clary brother and sister” thing which was a huge part of the books, and pretty much the main drive of the Jace/Clary romantic tension. Where’s the suspense in that!? And yes, I agree with the people who’ve said that the Jace and Clary romance was rushed and fake as well. Another thing is that I think they could have got actors who fit the characters a little bit better. Jamie Campbell Bower is WAY too scrawny to be playing Jace. He needs to hit the gym (mass gain protein shakes, anyone?) and take that ridiculous earring out of his ear – it makes him look like a skinny wannabe pirate. But Clary was okay, even though the character felt a bit flat at times. The other characters were cast perfectly – Simon was exactly what I’d pictured – and looked like they had a good understanding of their characters. The weird accents put me off though, but I suppose it’s too late to fix that. It’s a good idea to market the movie to the older readers of YA fiction as well, because there are a lot of us who’ve read the books when we were in our teens when they first came out, and we are now around 20-30. Hopefully they make the next movie reflect the world of the Mortal Instruments a little more precisely, but overall it was a fairly good effort. Can’t wait until City of Ashes!

  • Lisa

    I loved this movie!I thought Jamie Campbell Bower was a perfect Jace. He had just the right amount of sarcasm, sexiness, kindness, compassion, toughness and I love his accent. I think the main problem was their marketing. I am not a YA, but I happened to see the previews at the movies once and couldn’t wait until the movie came out. I looked for it at the show and never saw it advertised again and the next thing I know it is in Redbox! I had no idea it had even been at the theatres! That is where they went wrong, the advertising for the film. I truly believe it would have gotten a bigger box office draw if people knew it was out and playing at the cinemas. Can’t wait for the next one and to see Jamie Campbell Bower again!

  • donna warren

    I am 46. Had never heard of the movie or book series until I just rented it OnDemand since there was nothing else to watch. The movie and story was AWESOME! Why did I never hear about it in theaters? Anyway, glad to know about it now and can’t wait for the next one!

  • Rebekah

    I recently watched the film and felt like it was a little cheesy and glossy in spots (like the Twilight films) but the story was really good. I got the first book for Christmas and read it and the next two immediately. So far, I am really enjoying the series. My take on the film now having read more of the series is that it was made with teens in mind. I think they should back away from that focus and just make an exciting, gritty, romantic movie. I also like the actor who played Jace but my criticism is that he needs to gain some weight. He should be lean but really strong and resemble someone who has been fighting demons for years. He has to carry Clary in some scenes, I am not sure he is capable of that right now.

  • Renee23


  • kelsey

    I watched it on Netflix and will definitely go see the next one!

  • Sheila

    I love the book series. I’ve read every one of them including all the pre-quel books (Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince, and Clockwork Princess). I can’t wait for the 6th book “City of Heavenly Fire” to come out in May 2014. About the movie, it was a little different from the book, but I understand in trying to fit everything from the book into a movie is really hard to do. None the less, I really enjoyed the movie. I’ve watched it several times and even own the movie. I’m an avid reader and it’s great having a series of books that I love being portraited into movies. Now if only someone would turn the House of Night book series into movies or even The Immortals book series. That would be awesome. Anyway, I can’t wait until City of Ashes comes out. I’m hoping that this time though, I’ll get a heads up on when it’s coming out in theaters because I didn’t even know that City of Bones was even made into a movie until I seen a poster ad in Wal-Mart saying “Coming Soon To Video” or else I would have definitely watched it in theaters.

    • Wissa22

      I totally agree with you! I wish they would make those other series into movies too and can’t wait for City of Ashes either!

    • Claire

      A house of night book series is getting five movies biased on that book series with the first movie set to be released in 2015.
      I have read and love of the mortal instrument book series and I still need to watch the movie that I already brought on DVD when it was released on DVD. I’m just uncertain if I’m going to like the movie because of what some people have said about it.

  • Whehel

    I did see the movie by accident myself and enjoyed it so much that I jumped on the books as soon as I went off the theatre. The sequel now finished (intense reading moment), I was quite hysterical when I heard the possibility of cancellation. I am so happy Constantin decided to go on with the sequel. If I was not a compulsive movie lover, I would have passed by a great moment, missing both the movie and the books. So I want to thank Constantin and press them to really focus their marketing campaign on older fans to make enough money to make the six on screen !

  • Nicole Rubino

    I don’t think that the movie was done right.. I’m not crazy about the actors they picked but that’s to be expected because I read the books first. That’s acceptable. My issue is more with the story line itself, not that they left things out, but that things were added. Mostly the end. The biggest thing was that, in the book, the villain wins. Valentine does get the cup and that’s the entire premise of the following book. It’s also what made me, and others, continue reading. Everyone loves a happy ending and I get that, the ending of this wasn’t supposed to be happy. That’s what separated it from things like Twilight and Harry Potter. Also, Hodge telling Valentine to LIE to Clary and Jace about being related. Completely added due to lack of faith in the audience. They didn’t trust that people would continue watching if they were held in suspense. Figured the scare of incest would scare people away. I understand the fear there, but I think they may have lost some loyal book fans by adding that. If the concern is low box office sales, they need to remember the original fan base. Word of mouth is more powerful then any billboard. The original fans will make this a box office hit. You won’t get that if the readers are disappointed. The reason Harry Potter was as big as it was primarily had to do with the fact that J.k. Rowling wouldn’t let them diverge from her story line. I’m disappointed that Cassandra Clare didn’t follow suit.

  • Brianna Moore

    I really didn’t think I would be that into the first movie but after I watched it I loved it. I hated when they stopped production because I really wanted to see the sequel. For me, there were no problems with the actors, I thought they all were great. I look forward to seeing City of Ashes!

  • Tara R

    I read the book and I think Jamie is fit for Jace. And I can’t wait to see the next one! LOVE THE MOVIE, LOVE THE BOOK!

    • lolipop

      Who is Jamie

  • Jewel

    I agree with many of the comments already posted. I loved the book series and I did really enjoy the movie; however, I think there were a few things that were changed in the movie that shouldn’t have been:

    Major points:
    1) Valentine had the cup at the end of the first book, but he didn’t in the movie.
    2) Hodge told Valentine to ‘lie’ to Clary and Jace about being brother and sister. I felt it was a big mistake to add that line to the movie because you don’t find out the truth until the 3rd book.

    Minor point:
    1) Hodge had a spell placed on him by the Clave in the book, which Valentine removed when he got the cup. But, in the movie, Valentine told Hodge it was all in his head (not a big deal, I Just didn’t like that it was changed)

    I liked the actors and actresses who played each role and I thought they did a terrific job. I really hope they make the 2nd book into a movie … but I hope they stay closer to the book than they did in the first movie.

    • zaals

      are Jace and Clary actually siblings? cause im a bit confused and cant work that out?

      • Magen

        No, it was a lie to hurt Jace and Clary. Hodge told Valentine to tell them this. I missed that the first time I watched the movie and so bummed. The second time I watched it, I heard hodge say that and was like oh man. Makes since now!

  • Ania

    I loved the books and really enjoyed the movie. However I wish they stuck more to the story in the book. I really hope they’ll film all the other books in the series with the same cast.

  • Mallory

    I saw the movie first and loved it! I instantly read all the books (except the last one of course), and I am so excited for the 2nd movie. I am so glad that they decided to make the movie anyways. I just love the story of Clary and Jace, I have really grown to like the two characters. I am 28 years old and I love this series including the movie so I fall in your 20-30 yr old audience. Can’t wait to see City if Ashes!

  • Felicia Vincent

    Sooo excited. I sadly waited to see it until it came on DVD. I will not do that for the sequel. Hell I’ll probably go watch it 5 times in theaters. I love this series, and the first movie is amazing <3 Jace's actor at first i didn't like but as the movie went on i just fell in love with him. So happy about the outcome and can't wait for the sequel!

  • Isabel Romero

    I genuinely loved the books and can’t wait for the finale… but as for the movie I was deeply disappointed. I would’ve preferred it to be less pre – teen and it sticking to the books. I felt the movie was crammed and I didn’t get the true growth of the characters. I also felt jace is supposed to look angelic not an ugly anorexic lil boy. Magnus bane was also a poor actor even though physically he fit the prt. Isabel is suppose to be tall beautiful and strong. She was cute and seemed very fragile. My 7 and 9 yr old daughters absolutely loved it where as I feel this film was not worth my time.

    • cherisha

      Please make another movie I can’t wait for it to come out!!!

  • Misty Barger

    Me and my daughter in law just watched the movie on pay per view and are in love with the movie cannot wait for sequel to come out.. I dont even remember seeing any commercials for the movie so marketing and advertisment was not very good. But anyways the movie was so good and kept our interest in it..

  • Maggie

    I loved the books and the first movie was good I am so glad that they are making a second movie I just hope the same actors are playing there parts would hate to see new actors,, The actors from the first movie were great and would hate to see different ones so I really hope that the same actors come back. I hope the marketing for the second movie is better. I also hope the second movie gets out of the preteen a little more grown up… I cant wait till the second one comes out.

  • Jess


  • Dalton Wilson

    My family and I loved the books and the first movie was alright. We can’t wait for the second one to come out.. #EXCITED!!!!!

  • zaals

    i absolutely loved the first movie it was amazing!! i fell inlove with Jace’s actor! and the whole movie was great. cant wait to see the next one hope it comes out soon, and i hope the actors stay the same would be a real shame if they didnt. but in all the movie was the best ive seen, its now my favorite movie!!!

  • Sinderella

    I got thrown in to this my husband wanted to watch the movie by the time it was over I wanted to see more. I got the next installment of the books and have been reading ever since. And i hate reading. But this series I think is worth it. I cant wait to see the next movie.


    I love the first movie, I’m so excited there’s more coming. The books were amazing!

  • Tiff87

    I thought the first one was very good glad to know that there will be another one

  • Magen

    I absolutely loved this movie. It was so good I started reading the book series. I can’t wait to see what happens between JC and Clairie.

    • Magen

      oops meant Jace.

  • nora

    i LOVED the movie too! i love the books too, and i dont think it should be a big deal that they are different from the book. Books are always different from the movies.. Im looking forward to the movie!

  • Erin Cochran Cole

    I LOVED the movie I am 34yrs old and I do’t want it to be another Twlight bc I HATE the twlight movies. I am also a huge fan of the books. I am on book3 now City Of Bones and almost done with it. I LOVE the books i hope they follow with the book more if so it is sure to be a fantastic film!!!!

  • Erin Cochran Cole

    ANd it doesn’t get any better with Jonathan Rhyes myers as Valentine!! YUmmmmm

  • Erin Cochran Cole

    ***I meant I am on book 3 city of glass…..towards the end…

  • Priscilla

    I am happy to hear they are continuing on with the sequel. I for one didn’t think I would like the movie. But to my surprise, I Loved it! Although I am a big fan of the twilight movies, I was sorta bummed when I heard that they were trying to make the movie like the twilight series. I was sort looking forward to a movie that was more for an adult crowd rather than the high school crowd. So I am excited to see what they do with the next one. Also thank you for not just dropping the mortal instrument series and giving up on it just because it didn’t do as well or make as much money as you had hopped. It says good things about everyone involved, since your trying to fix your mistakes, and better the movie. Thank you! I hate it when people start a series and the drop it just because the first didn’t go as well as they wanted.

    • Jolene Penashue

      Ughh its not anything like twilight, i really hate the fact that they are saying that about this movie.. everyone’s LITERATELY ONLY saying that because she is a BRUNETTE! oh my god that seriously makes me mad.

      • Aleana Moyer

        Her character is actually a red head

        • Jolene Penashue

          Really? i noticed she had a red tint sort of but her hair looks pretty dark to me. im actually a little color blind.

          • Aleana Moyer

            She’s a redhead in the books. Why the movie caster’s picked a Natural brunette and dying her hair is beyond me. But I shouldn’t be surprised the movie although I like it doesn’t follow the book at all

    • gw

      totally agree!

  • ellice

    what’s the exact date of the film ?

    • Annie

      of ashes? well they havent started filming yet so know one knows but it will be 2015

  • Licia Holt

    As long as the people who played the characters in the first film stick with the roles, I will b a devoted fan and will purchase all of them. I am hoping this will go forth like Twilight, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter, I’m beginning to love movies made from books. I truly cant wait to c what the next movie will b like. Book or no book I really love the storyline.

  • Jolene Penashue

    FIRST of ALL the movie is nothing like twilight! I personally believe the only reason why the movie didn’t make much money is because of illegal downloading. To me the movie was amazing, i loved it for what it is. Its beyond different from any other movie franchise. and wasn’t that a lie that jayce and clary were brother and sister? IM AM OVER JOYED that there will be another movie.

  • Gabi Rojas

    I am so happy there will be a second film. I only hope that the producers will try a bit harder to follow the book it’s based on. Still, I already can’t wait!:)

  • MIFan

    I absolutely love the books. Just hope this next movie sticks more to the books then the first one did.

  • BreW1216

    I absolutely love the books(I’m on the 4th book) and I loved the movie also! I actually watched the movie first and then I liked it so much that I had to read the books. I’m a senior in high school, and two of my teachers have already read all the books and highly recommended them. I’m thrilled for the second movie (:

  • kathleen

    I loved the books and the first movie was great..so glad to hear the city of ashes is coming out. Better marketing would help. So many people didn’t even hear about it….

    • Jennifer

      I thought it was coming out this year! Imagine my surprise when I saw it offered on demand by my satellite provider.

  • Aleana Moyer

    Maybe their sales wouldn’t of been so bad if they would have followed the book. The way things happen and where they take place is completely different from the book. Did they even read the books? I for one am disappointed

  • Noelle Dimit

    If I had not read the book I would have thought the movie was perfect. Like many comments already stated, I’d really like to see the next movie follow much closer to the book. That’s the only flaw I saw w/the movie. The filming was stellar, the actors were perfect (esp Izzy), the CG was very cool. It was exciting. My advice, as a fan of the books (I’ve read them all & have new one preordered) and a woman far from YA, they need to get closer to the story line of the book. That’s all. Forgive the reference; the a Hunger Games rocked box offices because like city of Bones, the acting & filming was right on. The difference between them is simply that the writer/director kept as close to the book as possible. It’s key to the success of this movie. I enjoyed the City of Bones. I will go see The City of Fire too. I have high hopes.

  • jackie

    In my opinion (so please don’t hate)…replace Jamie and cast another actor more accurate and befitting Jace Lightwood. Why would you cast an actor that is skinny, not-so-tall, mediocre in looks to play a character that is buff, tall, and stunningly attractive?

    With physicality aside, Jace is cocky, witty, and his snarky lines in the book were funny but when done by Jamie, it came out mean and bitchy, instead of sounding funny and cocky, it just sounded like diarrhea of the mouth and oh so so soooooo contrived.

    No matter how hard I force myself to look past the horrible casting choices and to try to enjoy the movie I just can’t. Each time a line is squirted out of Jamie’s mouth my joy for the book diminishes a bit and each time I see a fight sequence I keep getting distracted by Jamie’s scrawny legs and lack of grace and I become angry that my love for the book has been ruined by visions that are unfortunately imprinted in my brain.

    I read somewhere online that Constantin Films blamed the film’s box office fail on Sony for bad marketing. But in my opinion, fire the casting crew since I don’t think anyone of them read the book.

    • Shy234

      Well, i thought the movie was great and the cast was too. I can agree with Jamie making the lines a little bitchy but he was great otherwise. I’very read all the books and i thought that the cast was a great fit for the characters in the book. I enjoyed the books very much and I also loved the movie. So, complaining.

    • SpecialAgentMeMeMe

      You’re entitled to your opinion, as is everyone else who decides to voice one of their own. As far as I’m concerned, the actor portraying Jace IS attractive–but that’s my opinion. But that’s just it, in a nutshell; just because you don’t find him attractive does not mean that he isn’t attractive; obviously others thought he was or he wouldn’t have been cast in this role. I think–and this is still just MY opinion–that fretting too much over what the character in a movie looks like as opposed to how he appeared in your imagination while reading the books is just a silly waste of time. It simply isn’t possible to capture every single detail in a movie or television adaptation of a book. If you’re going to walk away disappointed from a movie/t.v. program because it fails to deliver the exact same story with the impossible feat of perfectly matching the actors’ appearances with how you envisioned them while reading the book, then it would be better to not spend the ridiculous prices of movie theater tickets. If it’s a televised program–like True Blood, which is a perfect example of the characters and storylines not matching the books–then just surf right on past that channel and pick a program that you have absolutely no expectations about. Like anything at all on Animal Planet.
      I happen to be addicted to books, and I also enjoy watching movies, not as much though as I enjoy reading. But it sounds that you are pretty bitter about this particular series, so I would think, for your own sanity, it might be better if you stick to one or the other and not try to indulge in both. I’m concerned that if you continue this way, your brain is going to blow up and your family would (probably) miss you. Just my opinion!!!! ;)

  • gw

    just make the second movie already………………….! You targeted a to young an audience in the first one City of Bones……………..make it the way it was written………….hardcore Demons and Angels war……………R-rated Blood and demons getting shadowhunted by hard line shadowhunters…………….the people will come if you crank it up a notch

  • Nicole

    I really hope that the people who made the movie look on to these sorts of websites and read our comments, because they can get so much insight from what we know about the books, and what the series means to us. We can tell them what’s wrong. I agree that the script couldve been written better, and maybe they couldve cast a Jace who fit his description better (although i do like Jamie, dont get me wrong). If they put more effort in to the details and storyline, I GUARANTEE sales will skyrocket. Coming from a fellow reader and someone who loves to watch movies and adaptations of books, I can tell you that sticking with the storyline is critical to any work of art; and should be that way for books and their adaptations. it’s what makes the story valid. >>although i’m not saying to make the movie exactly like the book, just dont stray off the plot or start changing things where you have no reason to.

  • Biliegh Berrie

    I just happened upon the book series some time back and was thrilled to see a movie series come from it. I will be 40 this year so I actually pictured the characters a lil older but still, I love the movie, cast and plot. I hope, hope, Hope they carry this all the way thru to Clockwork! When I watch movies from books I do not wish for it to be just like the books so I thought it was Great! So SO happy to know that the 2nd is moving forward.

  • Pearl

    I’m really surprised they’re doing a sequel because I thought they butchered City of Bones. I love the series, it’s my favorite one of all time, and while reading it I thought it would make a great movie, but it was awful. Unless you read the book it was confusing at best (so said my friends), and they robbed the viewer of an emotional roller coaster. While reading the books you go through the second novel thinking Jace and Clary are brother and sister and how horrible that is because they’re perfect. But in the movie Hodge tells Valentine to make them think they are, even when they’re not. WTH! I tried to go into the movie with an open mind, the casting was great, but it just fell so flat.

    • Shadowhunting fangirl

      well i think the movie would get a lot of hate if they had incest don’t you?

  • Mikaela

    Personally, I absolutely love the books all throughout this series. I received them for Christmas this year and read them all in a matter of a couple weeks. However, my opinion on the movie remains to be not that great. The book, City of Bones, was fabulous and I expected the movie to be the same, but it just did not do it for me. First off, the movie script left numerous parts out and wandered from the book way too much. Also, when I pictured Jace, Jaime Bower does not meet the description in the book whatsoever. First off, Jace is supposed to have golden tan skin not the pasty white skin Jamie has. Second, the book portrays Jace as golden haired and beautiful, even angelic, but once again Jamie Bower doesn’t meet the requirements. In addition, I found Jamie a bit scary, which I believe the crew went too far in trying to reach the “intimidating shadowhunter” look. Not to mention, every time I look at him, it’s like seeing Cauis from Twilight all over again. On a lighter note, I hope filming continues and they produce more movies, but I pray they don’t stray very far from the book and, if possible, make Jamie look more like the handsome character I’m sure thousands of women pictured while reading the series.

  • Gemma

    I loved the books. I started reading them last year and got through them all very quickly. The film didn’t reach quite the same level of excitement for me. The role of Clary I thought they nailed, she’s innocent and robust all at the same time. Jace (Jamie Cambell Bower) I have warmed to and is now fitting the part well for me. The only one I had an issue was the casting of Magnus. I found the acting very wooden and not how I imagined his character to be. Though they got the look well. My other issue (apart from not ending the same way) was that they gave away the huge twist in plot. Hodge says to Valentine to tell Jace and Clary that they are brother and sister. This takes away all the want for more story as you know they aren’t really. That ruined it for me as the readers don’t find out until near the end of book 3 that they are not related. But I cannot wait to see City of Ashes and, hopefully, the other 4 to be done.

  • haleslynn16

    i thought jaime campbell bower was absolutely fitting for jace, clary was incredible, and magnus was a little iffy. They are great books and i loved the movie, i’m anxious for the second one to come out, which needs to get a move on.

  • savannnnn

    what DATE is the movie coming out!!!!???????? I loved the first one, and I’m dying until the second one comes out! I ALREADY READ THE SERIESE TWICE!!!!

  • asdfgh

    I was really disappointed with the film because it wasn’t really like the book at all! The casting was great but the plot just made me angry… they took away the plot of Jace and Clary turning out not to be brother and sister in book 3 and clary doesn’t start creating new ruines in book 1. Stick more to the story line and you will do much better!

    • SpecialAgentMeMeMe

      If you read the books, then you know that they are “runes”, not “ruines”. Yes, I am the “Grammar Police”, and you have been corrected. Perhaps when you type in a word and the computer automatically underlines the misspelled word in red, you’ll pay attention to thus avoid another confrontation by other Grammar Police. You should be aware that if you continue to display poor spelling and/or grammar, then you will then fall victim to a much nastier species of grammar/spelling correcting people, who are known as the Grammar Nazi’s. They will jump through your computer screen and force feed you the following: a Webster’s dictionary, the biggest book on synonyms and antonyms available, a thesaurus (no, that is not a dinosaur), and finally, they will spray a can of Red Bull up your nose. (That’s just for giggles.) You have been warned.
      Yes, I am just kidding. ;)

  • Jennifer

    Can’t wait for the second movie! Although the first movie didn’t fit with the book, exactly, it was still good and gave me some interesting things to think about. I’m waiting impatiently for the final book to be released and am looking forward to seeing all of the movies made.

  • Carla

    I adore the books started reading last year love them I was so excited about the film it did leave me a little disappointed with the fact the allowed viewer to know that it’s a lie valentine tells jase and clary that they are brother and sister also the person playing Isabelle is too old looking apart from that I really liked it and can not wait to see next film

  • Maghan

    I absolutely loved the movie. Even though I didn’t read the first book I love the series, I’m really excited to see the rest of the movies in the future. Right now I’m a few chapters away from finishing book five and will definitely be moving on to read the sixth book as soon as possible! I think the role of clary fit perfect and I’m hoping all of the characters will stay the same throughout all of the movies! Can’t believe I have to wait until 2015 to see the next movie my excitement can’t wait that long!

  • Josh

    I didn’t start reading the books till I watched the movie! Make more!

  • Aly

    I’m now on book 4 after watching the film, looking forward to the film’s, 2 books to go :)

  • lexie Francis

    Please make movie

  • Lori

    I loved the film and would love the next one to come out as soon as possible. go go go

  • Amanda

    I ordered the movie via VOD and liked it so I started reading the books. I thought that it was cast beautifully but was disappointed with some of the cinematic changes they made with the script plot and where things took place. I think yes the marketing could have done a better job but I also think they need to stay true to the books as well. That said I did enjoy the movie and went out and bought it. I hope they do continue making the books come to life on screen and I hope they stick with the cast they have because they pretty much embody the characters with which they portrayed

  • kayla

    I got the movie off Redbox and I’ve had it for the past 8 days because I just keep watching the movie, nonstop.

  • America pinela

    I didn’t want to see the movie at first I wasn’t all that interested in it but when I rented it off Redbox I FELL IN LOVE I bought all book’s read them all went on to infernal devices and I’m telling u the clockwork princess made me Cry and I DON’T CRY FOR ANYTHING and this book did im telling u im obsessed with all the book’s and JAMIE campbell bower

  • America pinela

    And by the way all the actors did awesome They played the characters so well !!!!!!!!!

  • America pinela

    And I’m waiting for city of ashes

  • Hannah


  • mortal instruments fan

    I am soo glad!!!!!!

  • nicki

    i loved the movie. so i bought the books…. i know a bit of a cheat doing it the wrong way round but well im not normal!!!! haha!!!! but i am soooo exited about the next movies!!! im sure they will do fine!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!! :3

  • Emily

    I watched the film then read the books and even though the film doesnt quite hit the books(which with any amazing book I think it is hard to do). Im happy they are making another film, they could bulk jace up just a little and slap some heels on izzy so she is a little taller. hurry up and getting making im hooked and need to feed my addiction :)

    • AnneFromMoors

      after reading a long list of comments I realized it must be a difference between european and US sense of style. Me and all my friends from EU prefer skinny, rock&rolled, nimble Jamie as Jace, and US girls prefer muscular jocks ;-) it’s not a matter of discussion but my observation only. just to be sure: are you American ?

  • Missy

    Love the characters, story line, and romance. The book and movie is what I like to say one of my favorites. Despite the fact that it relates to vampires and werewolves, shadow hunters seems pretty interesting. It’s unique and quite creative with its pure imagination that Cassandra has created she did an astonishing job. I absolutely cannot wait for the next one.

  • Megs

    Just rented this from Redbox and I’m hooked! After watching the movie I bought the books. So excited they are doing a sequel. I loved the cast!

  • emma

    if someone is going to make a movie out of a book then they should
    1) do all the series and not just one book
    2) wouldn’t it be best for it to become a tv show, because then they have time to do it right and we (the viewers) don’t have to wait.
    3)they should just make the freaken movie longer if they are going to skip parts of the book!

    • laura256251

      I completely agree they missed soo much!!!

  • Emily

    I liked the movie but it seemed to have parts that were too different than the original book. I love this book series and I think that is great that they are continuing with the second movie. My suggestions for the second movie include:
    1) They should not stray too far from the book
    2) Some of the scenes seemed random and out of order
    3) Clary’s hair could be more “red” because in the book she has fiery red hair
    Other than that it was a pretty good movie and I hope the next movie does really well in the box office so the series can continue on :)

  • Crystal A Gaddy

    Watching the movie as I right this lol… I enjoyed the movie. Felt it strayed a little to far off but I thought it was good if it was going to be the only movie bc it summed up their relationship as not brother and sister and the twitching hand of the mom gave hope she would be saved. I actually liked the actor that played jace. I felt he had the right amount of tortured look but they r right he could look a little more angelic while being angst ridden lol. I am very excited for the next movie. I couldn’t agree more that it needs to be marketed to excited people in their 30′s as myself and everyone I know that has read it and wants to read it are that age group. Although I believe it is for anyone that just want to enjoy a great series. Thanks for making city of ashes happen. Oh by the way, I love love love the actor playing simon so please don’t change him. He was so awesome in misfits. I love when I catch a hint if his accent. So sexy nerd!!!!!

  • tosha

    I watched this movie and liked it so then my 13, 11 and 9 yr old watched it and watched it again and again. I was supprised to hear it didn’t do well at the box office. So now all we can do is wait anxiously for the sequel so we can go watch it!

  • Quack567

    Can’t wait for the second movie. The first was brilliant, really enjoyed it. Have watched it loads. The books are awesome too!

  • Angel

    I hope all the books will be made into movies. I have enjoyed every single line while reading the books as well as every minute of the first movie. Can not wait for the next part of this magical story.

  • minnie

    Just watched the movie and i loved it, i loved the chemistry of jace and clary. I dont care whay the reviews said, it was great. I loved the characters.plz make the next movie, i am hooked! I like the way they made jace, dont change him at all!

  • Sara Friman

    I was so worried they wouldn’t make the next one, I’m a huge vampire freak but I love this bookseries more than my vampirebooks!! I just HAVE to see it come to life!!! :D

  • k20love+ict

    I’m so glad that they are making another movie i have read the whole book series in 4 days ………….. I’m furious that they are saying jace and clary are related simon and clary are not a good match for eachother no matter how mad that makes me i think they will do the right thing in order for them to have more viewers they r forced to twist back to how i like it jace and clary for eternity jc babies lol :D

    • jacktry

      The books were great and the movie was better the books let your imagination take a hold of the visual aspects but the movies just put everything into the right perspectives i love jace he’s so hot clary she’s sexxy they weere meant to be don’t change anything i want clary and jace to end up making out again i hope simon turns into vampire clary kills him jace is there when she’s done kiling simon they date for years then they go on a trip to kill valentine after staying low key in a house but some evil ppl find them so they have to go onto the run :( that would b the best

  • cwp

    I think it’s great they’re making another one! I really enjoyed the film, more so than the book which is not a common occurance!

  • Meghan

    So glad that they are making another movie. These movies are so much better than the Twilight Saga that it is painful! I can’t believe that such a ‘B’ movie production was a box office hit. While these are great books and the movies are decent as well. Although I was not thrilled with some of the character choices, I feel that this is a movie series that I will go to the theater and support. It is always exciting to see one of your fave books made into a movie.

  • Whendigo

    I won’t lie. I’m not super fond of The Mortal Instruments. But I will go see each of these movies three times each in theaters if it will bring me a step closer to an Infernal Devices movie!
    Just tell me what I have to do!

  • Wilson1027

    I have to be honest…I hadn’t even heard of this series prior to it coming out in theatres. I saw the movie when it came out on Starz and I have now read the entire series. I hope they make them all into movies as I can’t wait to see them. I just hope they do a better job with the movie interpretation then they did the first one.

  • Wilson1027

    As an added note….Please don’t change any of the actors in the movie, they all had the right chemistry to go with the book and please don’t stray so far from the original story.

  • Sb

    I never knew about Mortale Instruments until it came on cable/dvd. Fell in love with it and each of the characters. Went back and read all of the other books. Loved them. I really want to see each of them made into a movie. I loved the city of glass. And the one where Jace, Clary & Sebatian are traveling around.

  • Tanith Low

    I read all of the books before the movie came out. I fell in love with the characters when I started the first book and keep on falling in love with them when I watch the movie. I seriously cannot wait for the next book and movies to come out.

  • valkyriecain

    I absolutely adore the books, and although i didn’t think the film was as good due to the plot straying too far from that of the book, i still thoroughly enjoyed it and think the character portrayals are incredibly accurate. I can’t wait for City of Ashes!!!!!

  • Chelsea Griffin

    I can’t wait……..i was going to be mad if they didn’t make another one!!!!!

  • Sandi

    I am reading the series now and just came across City of Bones on the tv and am very happy to hear that they are going to make another one. If it helps any I am 61.

  • Justine

    i have watch the movie and i thinks its greats. I have alsow read the books and i adore the books!!!! When comes the city of Ashes execley in the cinema? Because i can’t wait for the city of Ashes.

  • Sabrina

    I saw the movie first but I loved it and now am starting the book series. SOOO happy their making another movie Ima so see the other one in theater :)

  • ☼Simmer Down↓

    I started the prequel series first and adored them so then I watched the movie and thought it was really good and then I started the mortal instruments book series and they’re just as good so I’m psyched that they’re making a second movie. I just hope it’s closer to the book than the first movie was.

  • Jean

    I have read all 5 books and really enjoyed them, the film was brilliant and I am glad to see they are doing City of Ashes! What I found out today as well is there is a 6th and final book which I have already pre ordered. Can’t wait for the next film hope they do all of the books. I am 60 yrs old by the way

  • Ashley Stockton

    I have read all the books I have went to the theaters to see City of Bones. I am excited to see they are going to make City of Ashes. The books and the movie was close. I hope they make all the books into a movie.

  • Taylor

    The movie was horrible and cheesy. Loved the books and was so disappointed in the film. It was rushed and the whole ending was different. It wasn’t marketing that made the film fail, the movie was really bad guys. Sorry about it. But I love the books so I hope they get it right on the second film!

  • Sydney

    I LOVED the movie!!!!! I am sooooo excited about this news!!! Eepp

  • Chels3663

    I LOVED THE MOVIE!!! I think the style is just fine. I think people are just too quick to judge because they think its gonna be like twilight. It’s nothing like twilight!

    P.S. Great soundtrack!

  • Chels3663

    Although I never read the books so I’m not comparing it like other ppl. You can’t please everyone. Most movies that are based off of books aren’t going to be able to have everything in it exactly like the books. I think you guys did a good job and shouldn’t listen to the people that don’t appreciate how much time, effort, and money you put into making the movie. If you can’t say anything nice then keep your opinions to yourself. If they wanna complain that the movie wasn’t good then they can enter the movie making industry and do it themselves.

  • Madd223

    When i read the series, and watched the movie i did not ever come to think of twilight?
    This series seems much different than twilight, and to my appreciation way better. I honestly loved the books and loved the movie. I am dying to see the next film. Forever a Mortal instruments fan.

    • Holly

      I totally agree such a fan myself as well cannot wait for coa so excited :)

  • Madd223

    I always find myself drawing the Angelic rune in my books in class now.

    • courtza6620

      Haha me too!

  • Blakeyboy1313

    I think they were trying to promote it to the same audience as twilight and thats what he is saying here when they were advertising making it seem like another twilight.
    I am so relieved that the second movie has come out! I will actually make sure I go to the movies to see this as I didn’t get a chance last time

  • Sam85

    Love this movie!! Extremely glad the next film is coming out.
    Huge fan of the Mortal Instruments books :)

  • Holly

    Literally too excited for city of ashes, city of bones was amazing and I think that city of ashes will be better :)))

  • TGardner

    This was seven months ago come on, just start making the movie.

  • kim benham

    Just finished lost souls last night. I was so depressed it was over till I went to work today and saw the sixth book! Awesome. I had no idea it was coming. I never thought they would continue to make the movies because it wasn’t there long but looks like this series will get to prove how great it can be. I think by the end will surpass Twilight! Can’t wait! Please Please Please keep all the same actors!

  • Deb

    I love love the mortal instruments city of bones movie. Can’t wait for the second to come out. I am such a big fan.

  • steve

    i have read all of the mortal instrument books, and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them.i was a little disappointed with the movie of city of bone but still went to see it and have bought the dvd, my own opinion is that the two leads in the movie are mis matched and not believable, i’m sorry to say that the chemistry was not their, they maybe should look to change the actor playing jace?????

    • Holly Graff

      Sorry Steve, I disagree. He played the part perfectly, with just the right amount of angst! Jace and Clary have remarkable chemistry as in love torn teens who think they are brother and sister. The kiss on her birthday was award worthy, and clearly showed their chemistry. They were supposed to be awkward. I think they played it beautifully and accurately.

  • Jennifer

    Loved the movie and so glad they are making the 2nd!!!! In my opinion, “Jace” is extremely good looking, with the hair and the sex appeal he gives off!!!!

  • Holly Graff

    Loved the books and the first movie! So looking forward to the rest of the series being made into movie as well. Please, please keep the same cast! They were excellent! I have read the books and seen Mortal Instruments City of Bones many times over. Don’t care what critics say… is as good or better than Twilight, or any other movies of the same genre.

    • Ttttt

      I agree, can not wait for the next one!!!

  • Alexa Grieco

    I’m a huge fan of the books and I really enjoyed the movie. I’m really excited about the sequel but I just hope it’s made more like the book because I don’t really appreciate the changes.

  • Lex <3

    The movie influenced me to go read the books. After I saw the movie I had to read the books and I didn’t even react like that to twilight. I read every single book and I love it! The movies should keep going but should be a little more like the books. Lily and Jaime play the perfect Clary and Jace and I’ve grown to love them a lot.

  • chelsea

    Omgahh I am so excited!! I am absolutely in love with this series and love the movies and the acters and actresses they chose to do the movie! I have read all the books and they are so aawesome! I cant wait for the City of Ashes!

  • Bama_grl78

    I’m reading all TMI books now and about to start on TID series. I’ve been rather excited to know that there will be more movie adaptations of TMI! It was devastating to know CITY OF ASHES possibly would not happen. These are the best if not better since Twilight and I was/am a huge fan of Twilight. PLEASE OH PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP ON THIS!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  • White Horse

    I was a little disappointed with the first movie. It really strayed too far from the book. City of Ashes needs to stay on par with the book more than the first one!!!! It was a great movie, there were just way too many things that were out of place.

    • Anna

      Absolutely! I found i quite liked the movie if i didnt think of it as the movie adaption of City of Bones. They absolutely ruined Valentines character and Jace’s character needed to be sexier! The actor was ghastly!

      • White Horse

        That’s putting it mildly. I can agree with you… If I didn’t think of the books, when I watched the movie, it was a great movie… the other thing that really irked me was the whole situation w/ her friend…. he was supposed to be turned into a mouse… what happened to that?

        • Kerrie

          I could not say it better. It really through me for a loss when I read the book after the movie. It really left me with how will they fix this in the next movie.

  • kati

    Fingers cross.I still hope for City of Ashes.Great cast great movie.

  • AnneFromMoors

    I totally agree with Stuart. I am not a teen. I did not read books before. I just watched the film accidentally and was impressed. It’s not a next Twilight – it’s much more complex, sophisticated and interesting also for an older audience. Then I read books and it was striking to me how much JCB became Jace. Of course there are changes in regard to a book – which other way could you shoot such a long, multi-layered novel? If you are the book fan ask yourself the question before you write a negative comment. Sorry for probable mistakes – English is not my native language

  • Slinkiee

    The world Cassandra Clare has created is a goldmine for the imagination. The first movie was lacking because it seemed that they rushed it (the story). The special effects and actors were wonderful however too many details were missing. The story did not stay true to the book – the movie was too short. Here’s hoping they take their time for this next movie and insert those freaking awesome details that have all of us nuts for the series. The screenwriter needs to develop those characters just as Clare has done in her books. Listen to the fans – it is the only way you can be assured we will go out to see the movie.

    • cb

      i agree. they moved the story line way too fast. there were things that they took too much poetic license with. hopefully they stay a bit more true to the book with the next movie, as i think if they don’t the fans of the book may not be interested in the remaining books being made into movies.

  • kat

    I could care less about the movie. I just wanna know if Aidan Turner is gonna be in it!

  • Vivi

    I am so so so happy they are doing the second movie!!! I CANT WAIT

  • JoJo

    Almost finished reading the 6th book “City of Heavenly Fire” wish it never had to end. I was a big Twilight fan but wanted something more current and less tedious. I have found the Mortal Instruments series so much more grittier, sexy, current and action packed. Cassandra Clare is so up on modern terms and what’s hot and knows how to create such interesting characters. I’m looking forward to seeing the other character’s relationships develop, especially Simon and Isabelle, Alec and Magnus, etc in the next movie. Totally agree with all those who have mentioned that the next movie needs to stay true to the book. Can’t wait!

  • Sarah Delaney

    I really hope they do all the books into films I enjoyed the film just as much as the book which normally doesn’t happen so carnt wait x

  • Casey B

    I loved the movie they just didn’t advertise it as much as they should have that’s why it didn’t do as well!

  • Cookie M

    I have not read the books but because of the movie I plan on reading them. I really enjoyed the movie and hope they continue making films from the books.

  • kLYNNE

    I loved the first movie so I picked up all the books. I love the actors that were chosen. They make the movie. I hope they keep them all. I hate it when they change people mid stream!!!!!

  • laurentuey

    I got quite upset that the filming was postponed and thought they we not going to continue the filming, words can’t describe how exited I am to go and see it when it comes to cinemas x

  • Lanie

    I was so excited when the first film came out as I was in love with the books. To say I was utterly disappointed with the first film would be an understatement. I especially hated how they ruined the big twist at the end and changed certain events of the book. I’m glad the production got delayed because if they are really taking the time to evaluate what went wrong in the first film then it means the sequel might actually be really good and do justice to the characters and story. I really want to like the second movie!

  • katiesfriend

    The overwhelming theme I keep seeing over and over in the comments on various sites is “STAY TRUE TO THE BOOK”. So take everyone’s free advice and don’t screw the second one up too. The casting was amazing with the sole exception of Valentine. I adore Jonathan Rhys-Meyer, but wretched casting as Valentine. Where was the sophisticated refined persuasive elegant PALE BLONDE haired Shadowhunter that was old enough to be Jace and Clary’s dad? He looked like a dirty, sweaty pirate (no offense dirty sweaty pirates). Get new scriptwriters, make them read ALL 6 books, and recast Valentine so that Sebastian won’t be a sweaty little pirate too.

    • shell g

      I agree with this. I was let down by Valentines apperance. Also they need to stay true to Lukes land by the lake. Other than that I loved the books and the movie. Please keep going with the movies.

  • minnie mcinish

    Love the books and loved the movie. I am 46 years old and have bought and watched it already around 20 times. Hope the next 1 will be even better than the last.

  • minnie mcinish

    I am 46 years old and I love the books and the movie . I have bought and watched it already around 20 times so far. I know that the next 1 will be even better than the last . I think they picked a really great set of books to make into movies. Although I know you can’t go straight by the books , just stay as close as you can and I’m sure the rest will turn out great.

  • That Redhead

    Please stay a bit closer to the book, the first movie got very off at times. Details got screwed up and it will be difficult to correct some of the mistakes that were made. For the love of all fix some of the casting. The movie is good, it truly is but when you take a book that is full of small details that later on come back up to mean much more they really must be accurate.

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  • tbeaux29

    I’m in mid 40′s and Sadly MISSED this at the movies but it was on my Showtime /HBO channel when I guess it went to DVD..I loved it.I will defiantly make it to the movies when the next one comes out.I have a sleep disorder that causes me to fall asleep reading very quickly.I hope all the books make it to a film.I will be watching for the showing of “City Of Ashes”.I can’t see it soon enough.

  • jiayuyiaw

    I hope that Jace and Clary will be together forever! Please continue shooting the movie!I love it!

  • Eryn Gordon

    I love the books and was eager to see the film. However, I was disappointed with the way they changed the story line. I know and understand that they have to change somethings, but they didn’t have to change it this much!! I feel they destroyed it. Although of course out of shear curiousity only I will see the second. I hope they learned from their mistake and actually follow what Cassandra wrote!

  • Anne

    I am a 56 year old female and I loved the movie. Never read any of the books. Hope to see a sequel.

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  • Toni peters

    I’m 17 Years old female and I love the flim

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  • rebekah raulerson

    Im 13 years and im a female old love all of the books and the movie i hope they keep the same case

  • shannon brooks

    im 21 years old and i love the books they r nothing like twilight but they reach the type of audiance even my step dad loved the 1st film and he hates twilight and harry potter

  • Victoria Musgrave

    I am 26 years old and I love the books they are defiantly nothing like Twilight or Harry Potter and I love 1st Movie of The Mortal Instruments City Of Bones and I even them on e book as well and I have the 1st movie on dvd and I love Twilight and Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments is Completely Different to Twilight and Harry Potter

  • miranda k

    Honestly, I really thought at first that they only cast these actors because they have some fame established already. But then as I observe these people, they really have a lot of potential to be they characters that they’re playing. They’re so much more like the character in real life than when acting. So please don’t yell at me for blaming the director for all the mistakes in this movie. Such a good series shouldn’t be given up on though, just because the first one screwed up.

  • Ellie1999

    I’m a 15 year old female and at the moment I am so obsorbed in the books and I have just brought the first film. Please keep shooting the second movie because I will be elated when I see the final product. As a young actor myself these films really inspire me to continue striving towards an acting career( so far I have been in one film ).

    • megan98

      I completely agree.

  • megan98

    I’m a sixteen year old female. I’m so intoxicated by the mortal instrument book series and I loved the movie I was so excited when I first saw the trailer for cinemas and I loves the story until it got to the fact that ‘Jace and Clary’ where to be brother and sister and when I started reading the books I was so happy to hear they weren’t and also the fact of bringing in a werewolf clan of course. I love the books and hope to see more than just to films thank you for making a wonderful movie I’m looking forward to the future ones .

  • Taylor

    I have fell in to the world of shadow hunters I am addicted to the books

  • Brenda

    I loved the books. I finally got to see the movie on Starz this weekend. It was awesome movie I can’t wait for the sequel.

  • Lydia

    I love the book series and the movie! I was very disappointed that the movie didn’t go through the roof at the box office, and the fact that it has been rated as a 6 when it clearly deserves a solid 8 or 9!
    I’m am so glad to hear that there will be a sequel. And hopefully, if the second one does extremely well, then maybe we’ll get a 3rd movie as well. :3 *fingers crossed*

  • zani

    I think its because of the story line is not exactly like the books and the books story line was better. Also the guy playing the main role is described a lot hotter in the book than shown on the film. I like the movie as well

  • super teacher

    So very glad to hear that the movie is finally going to become a reality. i truly loved the entire book series and hope that the next movie will be a hit. Don’t really understand why it didn’t do well at the box office. Hopefully the next one will do better.

  • Allen

    Ummmm guys it 2014!!! Where is the movie???

    • Anonymous

      Good question….

  • Amazontmomma

    I’m a 41 year old, I have four autistic kids so I can fairly go out to a movie I had been waiting to see this when it came to DVD and my husband finally bought it for me for Christmas, I loved it, knew I would . I have not read the books yet I find I would rather watch the movies first then go back later and read it this way I am never disappointed in any lost details as there is never any way to get everything into a two hour show. I plan to pick up the first book , however I can’t wait for the next move! Great stuff tons of action without tons of ogre and wonderful fantasy love love love it

  • Anonymous

    Well unlike most I love the casting. If you think about it, the characters fit very well with the people portraying it. You can’t change the casting now anyway, it would completely ruin the movie and would probably make box office sales drop even more.

  • Mortal instruments fan

    OH MY GOD!! I’m so happy to hear that they are going to continue the movie series :D They better not cancel production or I will be crushed! The first movie was awesome and I know so many people who have read the books and or watched the movie after word got around about how good they were. Also I really hope none of the cast is changed because they all fit their characters really well. I will probably cry tears of joy if this movie comes out.

  • HI!

    I was to young to know about this during the shooting of the first movie but I will for sure see this one in theaters plus it’s already 2015 is there any new news on the subject

  • AlexaH

    I just watched the first movie and personally i fell in love, I laughed and got excited from the action and romance. Though I do feel that this was a great movie, I know it could get better, I been reading the books and I love them. Me and friends cant wait for the new one!

  • Fe Walker

    I actually just happened to run across the first movie and absolutely fell in love! I had never even known the movie was coming out in theater OR DVD and I had never read the books. But now I’ve bought all of the books and plan on reading them as soon as school lets up (and I’m a 21 year old mother so obviously the idea of both the books and the movies is appealing to more than just teens still in high school). I was supper disapointed when i thought that they wouldn’t be making the second movie, so I’m happy to hear that they will be. :)

  • toneizward@gmail.com

    is city of ashes actually being made or is this an old post?

  • toneizward@gmail.com

    love the book and film read the book 20000x and need these movies to come out is it actually happening or old post?

  • Marcelo

    Guys, this is old news, from 2013.
    As of the end of last year, The Mortal Instruments series has been picked up by ABC Family to be rebooted into a tv show called ‘Shadowhunters’, which will air in the 2015-16 season.
    Casting has already been announced with Dominic Sherwood as Jace, Alberto Rosende as Simon, Emeraude Toubia as Isabelle, Harry Shum Jr as Magnus, Matthew Daddario as Alec, Isiah Mustafa as Luke, Alan Van Sprang as Valentine, Maxim Roy as Jocelyn and Katherine McNamara as Clary.

  • Evey

    They need to make another one because they need to find out there not brother and sister I really like these kind of movies might be my favorite movie ever needs to come out soon or I will freak.

    • Megan McKnight

      +Evey:See I think a sequel movie will eventually get made it just might take a one or two side projects to help with the rest of the money that the first movie could not make on its own(aka the prequel project and tv series might be the sequel movie savior).

  • Megan McKnight

    No as far as I know the prequel is still in development so maybe the tv series and prequel money will be enough to do a sequel movie as in the prequel series movie and tv series are probably side projects since the city of bones movie was not strong enough on its own to get a sequel movie.

  • Mia

    So is it going to happen? City of ashes, is it happening?? Please say yes I loved the first movie and read all the book, I really want them to do a sequel!!

    • Saige Porter

      I am hoping for the same thing! I loved the movie and the books as well!

  • Holly

    Anxiously waiting for city of ashes. I would love to know when this movie will be released.

  • aleigh

    I keep hoping if the TV series doesn’t do well (because it’s not very good), that enough nose from fans will push them to try the rest of the movies. I’ve been anxiously waiting for the sequel for a while, and when I heard the words “TV series”, my heart sank. I had a feeling they’d mess that up, which they did, and then the possibility of the other movies would just disappear. The movie didn’t do well, but the cast was immensely better than what they’ve chosen for the series, as well as the overall story. They’ve changed too much in the series; they don’t seem to have taken much of anything from the books except the overall story arc. It makes me sad. If anyone involved with the books, movies, or stories reads these things, DO SOMETHING about the series. It’s TERRIBLE. AWFUL. It’s so bad no one who’s not a book fan will watch past that second episode, and most people that is is iI keep hoping if the TV series doesn’t do well (because it’s not very good), that enough nose from fans will push them to try the rest of the movies. I’ve been anxiously waiting for the sequel for a while, and when I heard the words “TV series”, my heart sank. I had a feeling they’d mess that up, which they did, and then the possibility of the other movies would just disappear. The movie didn’t do well, but the cast was immensely better than what they’ve chosen for the series, as well as the overall story. They’ve changed too much in the series; they don’t seem to have taken much of anything from the books except the overall story arc. It makes me sad. If anyone involved with the books, movies, or stories reads these things, DO SOMETHING about the series. It’s TERRIBLE. AWFUL. It’s so bad no one who’s not a book fan will watch past that second episode, and most people that are fans are going to be in pain watching it.

  • Saige Porter

    I’m dying to see the city of ashes! I have been looking all over the Internet for more updates on the movie. So far I have been unsuccessful finding this information. I would love to know when this movie is supposed to be released!