Wonder Woman Gets A New Costume For ‘Justice League: War’

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Justice League War Wonder Woman

‘Justice League: War’ is the next DC direct-to-video animated movie in the long-running franchise.  The film will adapt the first storyline from the New 52′s relaunch of ‘Justice League’ depicting the formation of the famous team.  I’m not sure how closely the story will follow the comics.  I already know that unlike the books, Shazam is in the movie and Aquaman isn’t.  But we’ll see.

Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder WomanAnother, more cosmetic change is shown above.  Even though the comics are just over two years old, Wonder Woman has already received another costume change.  It’s similar to her “New 52″ look, which swaps out her gold armor for silver and her “WW” logo has the more jagged look to it.  Her normally loose locks are tied, somewhat logically in a ponytail.  That probably makes better sense for charging into battle against would-be alien conquerors.  Of course the biggest change are the addition of what appears to be a navy undershirt and gloves.  These additions are the hardest to process.  I suppose the higher neckline makes her suit more practical.  The gloves/sleeves, though don’t really add anything.  If she needed to be covered for protection, why not add pants while they were at it?  (She was supposed to have pants at the beginning of the New 52, but that was changed before the books came out.)  Also, just as an aside, the gloves/sleeves bring to mind the costume Cathy Lee Crosby wore when she portrayed Wonder Woman in a made-for-TV movie.  It also brings to mind some of the funkier paint applications Mattel used in the ‘Justice League Unlimited’ toy line.

I wonder if we can expect other costume changes?  Will they tweak Batman or Superman’s costume?  (I’d be glad to see the return of their trunks, but maybe that’s just me.)

‘Justice League: War’ will be directed by ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ Jay Olivia and stars Alan Tudyk as Superman, Jason O’Mara as Batman, Michelle Monaghan as Wonder Woman, Christopher Gorham as The Flash, Justin Kirk as Green Lantern, Shemar Moore as Cyborg, Travis Willingham as Shazam and Steve Blum as Darkseid.  It will be released sometime next year, but an exact release date hasn’t been set.

What do you think about Wonder Woman’s new look?  Will you be picking this movie up?  Comment below!

Source: Comic Book Movie

  • MJ

    Well the higher neckline makes a lot of sense since I always worried her bosom was going to poke somebody’s eye out before.

    • JasonMBowles

      I like a higher neck, I’m just not sure I like the navy blue. It looks tacked on.

      • MJ

        Regardless, it is better than the above Cathy Lee Crosby get up. Wow, that is bad!

  • Theo

    The costume is fine and represents and Amazon warrior

  • Best Darna

    She is now a MORTAL COMBAT character. oh my! stop changing her.

    • JasonMBowles

      Unfortunately, this not a reference I’d ever get.

    • MJ

      Funny you should say this as I have been playing Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe on PS3. Wonder Woman and Kitana are my favorites to play.

  • Guest

    did they get inspired with this Mortal Combat female character?

  • Guest

    did they get inspired with this Mortal Combat female character??

  • iixkore

    I like it

  • Smoke

    I can’t quote his exact words but Grant Morrison said it best when he brought up that WW would most likely have about 25 different costumes/action suits in her wardrobe. Hello? She’s a woman. :)
    In all seriousness though, any good artist/creator would be able to capture Diana in a variety of outfits and still have her be recognizable. She’s not intended to be a fashion plate but that’s just realistic IMO.

    • MJ

      As a woman, I think you are dead on. Women like variety.

  • Adrienne

    The silver doesn’t match her lasso, the sleeves are pointless, and she needs a haircut. But my biggest problem is that it’s based off a story from the new 52.

  • It almost looks as though the navy blue neckline is a shoulder/sleeveless body suit that’s worn underneath the armor that covers her torso. I’m okay with this look, but the sleeves are purely for fashion purposes only. Unless there’s something she does that’s similar to what NBA players are wearing sleeves for.
    I can’t stand when people get upset about costume changes. The old iconic look…is old. We should allow these characters outfits to blend in with today’s style. What I never understood is how red, white and blue makes any sense given Wonder Woman’s Greek heritage.

    • JasonMBowles

      Because she was being sent to America and it was intended to convey that she was an ally.

      • Ahh thanks for the clarification, that makes sense.

    • Ant

      ( never understood??? ) then you haven’t really read anything on wonder woman IMO , the red white and blue was chosen after Diana wins the right to return Steve Trevor back to the united States and also to depict respect and humility for the nation she was being an ambassador for ( US) , why must Diana always be the one with radical costume change?? whilst the Batman and Superman have had minimal costume changes and ever so cosmetically , i would love to see the outcry if Batman was given a purple outfit to wear , yet twith wonder woman ahh she is a chick , and chicks have a lot of outfits , what a load of bulldust. , this to me is gender biasing pure and simple and DC does it quite a lot , I am a heterosexual male who enjoys the title and im not afraid to say i do enjoy wonder woman . what i dont enjoy is the level of disrespect and lack of sincerity that DC shows the character. i want my daughter to grow up knowing that there is a strong femal character she can look up to that isnt continuously let down tampered with and told that she isnt good enough or what she is wearing makes her look like a whore etc etc .