J.J. Abrams was doing a lot of explaining when he appeared on the ‘Conan’ show Wednesday night. While promoting his film ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, Conan brought up the now infamous Alice Eve scene where she is shown in her undergarments. Abrams did his best to try and explain his intentions and brought in a little tit-for-tat scene of Benedict Cumberbatch in the shower in hopes that it would diffuse the controversy.

Unlike Damon Lindelof who acknowledged the fact that the scene was misogynistic and gratuitous, Abrams didn’t seem as apologetic as he explains:

She’s changing and the idea was, the intent was, it’s Kirk who was always a womanizing character, so the idea was have a beat like that amidst all this action and adventure, have beat where he looks and looks away. I don’t think I quite edited the scene in the right way, but to me it was this sort of balance. There’s a scene earlier where he’s not dressed either. So it felt like it was this sort of — it was a trade-off. Some people did feel like it was exploiting her. And while she is lovely, I can also see their point of view.

The scene of Kirk that Abrams was alluding to was the one with the shirtless Captain in bed with alien twins:


In hopes to placate the fans and those who are still in an uproar, Abrams brought in a clip of a deleted scene featuring Benedict Cumberbatch’s character, John Harrison, in the shower. Unfortunately, just like in the scene with Kirk in bed, the clip only showed Cumberbatch from the waist up.

While this could hardly be called a “balance”, would the inclusion of this shower scene made Eve’s centerfold appearance any less controversial?

You can decide for yourself after watching the ‘Conan’ interview with the deleted Cumberbatch shower scene below. I will say, Conan may think about becoming a music arranger for the movies with what he’s done with that clip as you’ll see.

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Source: THR