‘Tron Uprising’ Producer: “We Need More Viewers”

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Tron Uprising

“Tron Uprising” went MIA from Disney XD last summer for a sudden and lengthy hiatus, and recently Producer Edward Kitsis. while attending the Television Critics Association’s press tour, commented:

“I don’t know what the future [of Tron: Uprising] is now. I know at the present, I can say we need more viewers. I’m so proud of that show and I love that show and anyone who watches it loves that show. The problem is, not enough people are watching it. And so I would love to sound the alarm, because I love the characters and the world and it’s really… It’s a shame that more people aren’t watching it, because I think they’re missing out.” (IGN)

This comes on the heels of rumors that the show had already been cancelled due to a perhaps misunderstood tweet by storyboard artist Eric Canete, who quickly amended his statement.  Neither Kitsis nor Canete seem to really be aware of Disney’s true intentions regarding the show.

The series stars Elijah Wood as Beck, a young program that is taken under the wing of Tron, voiced by original actor Bruce Boxleitner, and trains as a new champion of the people, dubbed The Renegade.  Based on the live action/computer effects movies, the cartoon series takes place between Tron and Tron Legacy, however, the futuristic look and the soundtrack inspired by Daft Punk place the show closer in tone to Legacy.

Ratings started off fair, but rapidly dropped off.  Having watched and reviewed the show, I can say it’s extremely sophisticated and intelligent, with fantastic voice action and hyper-stylized artwork, reminiscent of Aeon Flux.  Perhaps the show is too avant garde for Disney XD which typically appeals to younger kids and tweens.  I also have to point out that Tron Legacy received mediocre reviews (51/100 on Rotten Tomatoes) and was only a modest hit at the box office.  Perhaps the franchise just doesn’t have the following needed to supports an ambitious series like this one.

What do you think?  Are you a fan?  Comment below!

  • How are people going to be able to watch this show when it haste worst possibly time slot? It’s on at midnight Sunday night/Monday morning. Seems to me it was moved there for a quiet death.

  • Gary Miller

    I’d say to Mr. Motes and Disney both: The viewers are there, and we’re craving so much more. But when Disney fails to keep the show at a solid time slot (or even share the information that it HAS moved to an alternate slot), throws it into hiatus mid-season without nary an explanation, then perhaps the franchise just isn’t in the right hands. Disney XD was never the right place for a show of this caliber.

  • Quinton Piper

    I started buying the episodes on iTunes since I never knew what time it was on. hopefully that shows them that they at least have one more viewer.

  • Leo

    I only recently discovered the show and I immediately became a huge fan

  • stevedamien

    Its really a great show, very surprising

  • Leo

    Si hablo por este medio en español es para que sepan cuán lejos puede llegar esta serie tan fabulosa! Creo que el problema radica en que la franquicia no puede quedar en Disney XD, o bien los nerds como yo que recuerdan la película original deberían verlo más frecuentemente. Por cierto, soy de Argentina y tengo 30 años. Por la temática que se toca en la serie pienso que sólo jovenes mayores de 15 pueden comprenderla al máximo, y creo que ahí está la verdadera situación.

  • Kaz

    I watched Tron Legacy at the cinema and bought the film on DVD when it came out. I don’t have Sky or Virgin so there’s no access to channels like Disney XD for someone like myself. I am a fan of the franchise and dying to watch this series, from the episodes I’ve seen so far, it looks awesome! Nothing wrong on that front, the the poor ratings s not a true reflection of the quality. Its a shame series two has been cancelled, they should re-evaluate and reconsider that decision.

    • actually from every bit of information i have gathered thus far it isn’t cancelled just yet but rather put on hiatus, AGAIN, until it’s fate is actually decided so until then remember TRON LIVES!!!!

  • Great show. I’m a huge fan. Hope it makes it.

  • briannajs

    One can easily see alot of work has gone into this show between the writers, the artists, the actors, the producers, and everyone else who was involved. It would be a shame to see it all go to waste. Especially since there’s been a great deal of build up going on between the story and the characters. There’s much more of a story to tell. As of this writing there’s only 2 episodes left to air. Is this truley going to be enough to close all the ends which will be left hanging should the series be cancelled?

    Should any of the powers-that-be be reading this please consider giving it more promotion, a place among the many channels on television which are available to more viewers, and more stable airtime. Lengthy hiatuses and ever-changing time-slots as, this series has been graced with in the past, has only led to a decline in veiwers. Much of the decline of veiwership is directly related to the series being underpromoted and unavailable.

  • qp

    Make XD accessible to non-cable subsciption viewers. You can’t find your ratings on bit-torrent.. Disney will write it off and they’ll make Tron 3 for the sole reason of profit…No surprise there.

  • Adrian

    Like you said, it’s “extremely sophisticated and intelligent.” Not exactly qualities I would associate with XD’s target demographic. Honestly, the show’s eploration of themes like loyalty and the consequences of choices are downright adult. I wouldn’t expect a fourteen-year-old to even catch some of it. Anyway, not only is it the best cartoon show going right now (ever?), it’s really the only episodic sci-fi effort out there right now. Oh…and the music is friggin’ awesome too!

  • Cj

    I’ve been watching since the beginning and I don’t want to see it go away – unfortunately had my DVR not caught the episode in Oct I assumed it was gone after the hiatus. I know a lot of people who I think would love this but so many of them my age have also dropped cable/satellite for streaming or Netflix and with its time slot anyone else has work

  • William C

    this is the absolute best animated show currently on television. it would be a crime to cancel it.

  • Tron fan

    This show is amazing!

  • Joho

    The show is great and I hope it keeps going …

  • Jonathan

    No they cancelled the 2nd season!
    Come on, it’s Disney – they’re rich … why can’t they keep the show going for all of the people who love it?

    If they’re gonna end it, I hope they at least have an awesome finale :(

  • Mar

    The animation looks terrible. Characters are out of proportion.

  • Perfection doesn’t Exist

    the show is very entertaining. I remember back in the summer the pilot being shown on the WB I believe and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately I don’t have and didn’t know the Disney XD channel existed. I’d have to agree that based on the discription of the regular programming that XD runs it would seem this show is definitely out of place. That said I’m sure there is a strong enough following that if the proper attention were given to it to would retain the base fans it already has as well as picking up new ones.

    I definitely believe the show shouldn’t be cancelled. There aren’t many developed relationships on regular TV that are as interesting as Paige and Beck relationship. I want to know what happens and we should be given the opportunity to enjoy a smart, fun, energetic show that has enjoyable graphics.

  • Mike

    This show is art. Some wonderfully talented people are putting a lot of love into this show. Absolutely beautiful.

  • JasonMBowles

    I’d love to comment on every comment individually, but honestly I think this has gotten the most comments of any article I’ve written. I wish someone at Disney could read these responses. Tron Uprising is a very high quality show, but I just think the outlet is wrong. Disney XD is just geared toward a different audience.

  • Jeremy

    I’ve been a Tron fan since the 80′s. When I saw the previews for the tv series, I was REALLY looking forward it. I’ve been watching the show since it began! Had to get used to the feel. But it grew on me very quickly. The story line is good. The animation is done well for the style of cartoon that it is. Hope it doesn’t end now! I would like to know how it will tie in with Legacy! I just wish the episodes were not aired so far apart!


    Most under-rated series ever made, truly spectacular. People are stupid.

  • Jason

    Sadly, the Disney network is run by a bunch of friggin morons. They couldn’t care less about this show, it simply hasn’t been profitable enough for them, and the fact that they moved it to such a horrible timeslot is evidence that, as far as they are concerned, the show has been dead for a long time (thanks to them). I’d love to watch this show, but unfortunately I have over the air TV and they don’t have any new episodes online :/

    Thank god the film studio side of Disney is run by different people. At least they might give the franchise some of the respect it deserves.

  • KleptoC

    I loved the movies and I love this show. I didn’t even know about the show until the first time it aired (very weak advertisement) and I missed a ton of episodes due to the frequent slot change. I mean really 11 o’clock. I may be in high school but I do like to go to sleep befor 10. Please get it together I wasn’t to see the end of this show

  • Even my father who never likes animated disney shows fell in love with Tron: Legacy. Whoever is reading this. Please sign the petition to save the show. It worked for “chuck” and it will certainly work for this show.

  • Andrew

    Perhaps they should hold off on Season 2 until they get Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney XD and then run Tron: Uprising in conjunction with it. Seems like they might have similar enough audiences to greatly increase Tron’s ratings.

  • James Hemry

    I’m a huge fan of the show and i think it should be saved, Disney aired some episodes on Disney Channel for a while. For I think Disney just hates the show and wants it out. Its like Disney like Pixar animation but nothing else, this was proved when MotorCity was cancelled (except the lawsuit part). I really like Tron and i think it shows us the grid before the events of Legacy to give us a better understanding of the Tron Universe. The things that show Disney hates this is unannounced hitaus’ and the schedule changes as well as unnannounced episode premieres making many people believe the show was canceled already. I ask you all sign the petition and support Tron running for a second season and tell Disney they shouldn’t cancel Uprising.

  • DIsney-Show it on Prime Time on ABC on Friday nights and I think you’ll find your audience!

  • Tron

    Great show, but why is it on at midnight

  • max

    If disney doesn’t have the guts to make a show that appeals to all ages and is something a family can watch together, something they should be trying to achieve, then they should lease the rights or sell the franchise outright to a nother network that will do this show justice.

  • The viewers are there, but Disney decided to put the show in the midnight sunday time slot, killing any chance it has of being successful. It is a surprisingly well written show.

  • i would really appreciate a second season…..
    and I agree to all the comments below.WE LOVE IT, RATHER CRAVE IT……..
    as a great director once said “The Show Must Go On”…..

  • hey

    This is such a great series and I do hope they renew it. Season 1 was spectacular. I do think it’s on the wrong channel and time slot!

  • Billy

    I agree with Gary 100%.
    For work of such brilliance, being mishandled like this is such a pity.
    Bring it out on DVD/Blu Ray immediately.

  • I love this show, so amazing! Since I saw the extra on Tron Legacy blu ray of Uprising I was pumped. This show has blown away my expectations and have loved every moment of it.

    Please bring back another season an change up the marketing to include long time tron fans.

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  • aerosphere

    I was watching the show. I got rid of DTV though so I can’t watch it anymore. It was one of the best shows out of the 1,000 channels. They should release it on Netflix, redbox, and hulu.

  • Sark 2

    They have a lot of viewers online. They failed to account for that. If the show was on global then they could see… Tron producers should leave disney and go with another company

  • casper

    it was the best show on tv and they should put it back on. It was the only show I watched.

  • beckisgood

    I watched it on Netflix. I watched the whole season in a week. I was craving more. This was a serious show, intelligent, gripping and it seemed like it was building well. The last episode made me want a second season really bad. I’m not someone who watches a lot of television, this was as gripping to me as Game of Thrones. Please bring it back.

  • Eric Brown

    You might have more viewers if you didn’t really mess up the viewer base by changing it’s time slot, making it disappear for a while and in general treated it poorly. It was a fantastic show that suffered the incompetence of someone whom decided to mess with it’s scheduling.

  • Olivia

    I absolutely loved this show. When they put it on Netflix I started out with low expectations, needless to say the show by far exceeded my expectations. Elijah Wood voicing Beck made it about x10 better for me, and even without that, I loved the other characters as well. Heck, I thought the voice actor who voiced Pavel was fantastic (even though I hated that characters guts). I really want a second season.

    • JasonMBowles

      Pavel was Paul Reubens, better known as PeeWee Herman.