Evidence Reveals More Women Meant To Be In Original ‘Star Wars’

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‘Episode VII’ has been a hot topic in the movie world for months now, but recent revelations have brought us back to the start. George Lucas’ original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy sometimes comes under fire for a lack of female characters. Aside from Princess Leia, there’s less than a handful of the fairer sex in a galaxy far, far away. In fact, it’s almost as if the guy to girl ratio was just a little better than the one in Papa Smurf’s village. However, Buzzfeed recently uncovered that there was meant to be a few more ladies on screen than there actually was.

On the Blu-ray set for the original trilogy in the extras section, you can find some scenes from ‘Return of the Jedi’ that feature a few female A-wing pilots taking part in the final battle in the skies of Endor. Let me introduce the first one:

This pilot actually made it into the final film momentarily before getting blasted by a TIE fighter, but her one line (“Got it.”) was re-dubbed by a man. Though the true story may never be told, it’s entirely possible that something went wrong in post and they were under a tight deadline from the big man.

The next pilot is an older woman who’s speculated to be a potential lifelong rebel. One reason why both women were cut could have been that the audiences at the time may not have responded so keenly to women being blown up.

The third and final pilot was played by Vivienne Chandler, who had nearly a page of dialogue, didn’t make it into the final film or into the special features of the newest release of the trilogy.

We may never know why these women were cut in the first place (though I can already hear cries of sexism), but it’s still interesting to see what could have been thanks to these newly released deleted scenes. If you have any theories, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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  • Robotopia

    I guess that someone felt that it would spur debate about women in combat?!
    – We should try to remember this movie was originally filmed in the early 1980′s and released in 1983.
    Back then (Now almost 30 years ago, in fact, since we are upon 2013) The issue was a hot-topic especially in America; and in regards to the still-old-school politicians of that time,
    I am fairly certain that Lucas didn’t want any negative controversy about his latest Star Wars film. I know that originally Lucas said that the Empire would be very one-sided in it’s views, but over time with the books and novels of the ‘Expanded Universe’ of Star Wars, There are mentions of Female Imperial Officers. Female Imperial Fighter-pilots and even
    Female Clone-Troopers! The Empire was originally devoid of colors, Notice the only black and white with grey color-scheme in Episodes IV and V. It wasn’t until Episode VI, that we saw the deep red of the ‘Imperial Guard’. And find even one woman in the entire Empire of the original trilogy!?!!
    – Times change, and I am glad that apparently someone had wisdom enough to try to put more women in Episode VI, especially back in 1983!