Disney Focuses On Social And Mobile Star Wars Games, No Console Plans

Posted Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 02:00 pm GMT -4 by

Disney’s recent acquisition of LucasFilm has started loads of rumors and speculation of how the company would handle the Star Wars franchise. In the gaming world, Star Wars has always had a special place, as it provided the perfect medium for exploring the expanded universe.

In a recent interview with Disney’s CEO Bob Iger, industry analysts were given the chance to discuss the future of Star Wars in video games. Iger stated that Disney is “likely to focus more on social and mobile than we are on console.” While the company currently has no plans to continue bringing Star Wars to console gamers, Iger made it clear that they would consider licensing deals for outside developers the chance to create console titles.

Unfortunately for gamers, the Star Wars franchise hasn’t seen very much success in the gaming industry lately, outside of BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. However, LucasArts, now owned by Disney, has been hard at work on a new title, Star Wars: 1313, which is set for release sometime in 2013. Unless of course, it gets scrapped by Disney, who now owns the development studio. According to a LucasArts representative, “for the time being, all projects are business as usual.”

Ultimately, the fate of Star Wars in the video game industry remains unknown. With the rise of social gaming, it’s no surprise that Disney would shift their focus to the mobile and PC market, but completely shunning console gaming comes as a bit of a shock. If Star Wars: 1313 proves to be successful, however, maybe Disney will continue to support the console market, but as of right now, it looks to be the final Star Wars console title.

Which Star Wars style game are you looking forward to? Console, or the direction Disney is going with their focus on social and mobile games? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • spankalank

    This is lame. New movies warrant having Battlefront 3, or a new Jedi Academy or at least new games similar to those.

  • Gnoizic

    Social and mobile gaming is a prosperous industry, to some degree, but overall this is a slap in the face to true gamers. I would much rather pay $60 and play a visually stunning and deep-storied game on my Xbox than a $.99 app on my iPhone where I can tap on stormtroopers. C’mon Disney. Don’t be a moron.

  • Dude88

    Definitely CONSOLE!! I don’t understand gaming on your phone… I don’t have time for that except the quick stint on TETRIS.

    The first Force Unleashed was an amazing game, however was followed up by a very poor, and extremely disappointing Force unleashed 2. Inconsistency seems to hinder Star Wars console games. However, two of my favorite Star Wars console games of all time have to be Force Unleashed and Jedi Power Battles.

    I would LOVE to expand on this type of gaming… imagine Star Wars on a Skyrim-esque game platform for PS3/XBOX 360 (or their next-gen iterations)… It would be immense. Free world-to-world roaming: you could start as a Jedi padawan in a game set in the period of the Clone Wars; as you progress you train up and eventually become a Jedi knight. The material from the Star Wars universe is vast enough to support such a game. Introduce new characters with missions handed down from the Jedi council to up your skill set, big fights and challenging missions would surely be a hit. Expand the game even further by adding non-compulsory side missions (again, like Skyrim). Make it even more diverse by deciding your own Jedi / Sith path. Someone PLEASE make this game on a CONSOLE!!!